Japanese のペ吉 (のペきち)
Romanized Nopekichi
Aliases Cyclops Kid
Race Cyclops
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World;
Hex Food Beast Knights (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 280
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Nopekichi (のペ吉 (のペきち)) the Cyclops Kid is an odd Cyclops residing at Brunch's hometown, the Hex Food World. He is a jolly cyclops that appears to be faceless which makes him resemble a Japanese yokai but in actuality, he just has a very small face. During his youth, he, along with Mappy and Takeshi were one of the Hex Food Beast Knights, the strongest warriors in Hex Food World, but they have long retired from their position and have since passed it on to their successors, Brunch, Nosh and Dinner. What role Nopekichi served within the group is unknown, but considering that Mappy was the Chef, Nopekichi was either the Saiseiya or Gourmet Hunter.


Nopekichi appears to have no face at first but in truth, his face is so small that people have trouble seeing it, as seen with Komatsu. The majority of his face is just plain skin while only the center has an eye, a tiny nose and a mouth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nopekichi is a former member of the Hex Food Beast Knights which means that he was one of the strongest warriors in Hex Food World and was the best at his particular profession. It is said that during his youth he was far stronger than the current knights.



In his youth, Nopekichi was one of the strongest warriors in Hex Food World and he eventually became one of the Hex Food Beast Knights alongside Mappy and Takeshi. At an unknown point, the trio retired and passed on their positions to Brunch, Nosh and Dinner.

AIR ArcEdit

Nopekichi's Face

Nopekichi's tiny face

Nopekichi is first seen after the Four Kings and Komatsu arrived at the Hex Food World. Along with the other strange and rare creatures that Mappy introduces to Komatsu, he is of the most surprising ones for the young chef, mostly because of his faceless and somewhat menacing appearance. However, he is annoyed stating he does have a face though very small.


  •  Nopekichi may be based on the Nopperabo, a Youkai who looks like a faceless person.

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