North Mountain Area
Area 7 Map
Location Area 7
Affiliation Gorilla Taurus (Ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 246
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The North Mountain Area is the northern region of Area 7. It is ruled by the Enbu Master, Gorilla Taurus.


The North Mountain Area is the largest region within Area 7. It is a vast expanse of land with many unique mountains and gigantic sights, such as humongous trees, animals and other natural elements that have grown to gigantic proportions thanks to Area 7's unique environment. Giant fields of titanic grass with equally titanic trees make up most of the northern most part of the region and even a "small" portion of this grassy field is like the side of a great forest. Beneath the earth of this grassy region is an entire civilization that was founded by ancient humans, red nitro and primates long ago, however this civilization was destroyed during a mostly unexplained monkey revolution. The southern portion of the North Mountain Area is mostly flat fields covered in leaves with some barren areas and uniquely shaped mountains, such as the noteworthy Pot Mountain from which Magma Consomme flows.

Aside from the main landmass, there are also two islands along its northwest coast, an unnamed island and the infamous Zabel Island. Zabel Island is a part of both Area 7 and the Human World which serves as one of the "land routes" between the Human World and the Gourmet World. However the island seems mostly detached from the rules and events that affect the mainland of Area 7. Zabel Island is also a host to a wide variety of fauna and plant life, especially within its Underground Forest, and its terrain is mostly forested in its Gourmet World half, while its Human World half is mostly barren.




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Zabel IslandEdit


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