Japanese ノッシュ
Romanized Nosshu
English Nosh
Race Kappa
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Brunch;
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 282
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Nosh (ノッシュ Nosshu) is a Kappa from the Hex Food World who originated from Kappa Valley. He is a powerful Gourmet Hunter who is part of the Hex Food Beast Knights, the best warriors in the Hex Food World. He is partnered up with Sunny on the journey to Slow Rain Hills.



Nosh's color scheme.

Nosh is a Kappa of average height with round eyes, a small beak, green skin and a lean and strong posture. His attire consists of a simple top with a skirt made of leaves as well as a thick necklace tied around his neck. He has partially long red-colored hair surrounding his skull top and some of it covers his face. He carries what appears to be a longsword.


Nosh is a very friendly and jovial individual who enjoys singing while talking. He is also a fearless warrior whose great skills and courage allow him to face the deadly obstacles of Gourmet World without worry. He appears to have trouble pronouncing human names, accidentally calling Sunny "Mommy".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being one of the Hex Food Beast Knights, Nosh is the best Gourmet Hunter in the Hex Food World, although he is not as strong as his predecessor.[1]

He is very strong and has no problem facing the dreaded weather of Area 8. He holds on his head the AIR fruit,[2] which weighs over 5 quadrillion tons,[3] and he is also quite fast as he has no problem with dodging the incredibly fast Laser Rain.[4]

Gourmet CellsEdit

Nosh was born with Gourmet Cells since he is a descendant of those humans captured by the Nitro and injected with Gourmet Cells. Of Acacia's Full Course Menu, he has eaten AIR.[5]


Nosh repels Laser Squalls

Plate Shield (皿盾 (さらたて) Sara Tate): Nosh bulks up his body's muscles and focuses all of his muscle fibers into the plate on his head, creating an invincible shield that reflects everything. He can only keep it up for a few seconds, becoming immobile for roughly two minutes after use; Sunny points out that this technique is highly inefficient. It is used to reflect a Laser Squall.[6]


Platter Shield (大皿盾 Ōzara Tate): Nosh bulks up his body muscles to his maximum potential and then focuses all his muscle fibers into the plate on his head, creating a large invincible shield that can hold out very heavy weight for a small amount of time. It is used to hold up AIR.[2]


AIR ArcEdit

Nosh is first shown as an elite member of the Hex Food Beast Knights. He is tasked to go with Sunny to the Slow Rain Hills through the Plains of the Bees' Nest. While walking through the plains, Nosh explains the advantage of wearing the Monster Feather Cape to Sunny, who is unhappy at being forced to wear it.[7] As the Laser Rain gets heavy, Sunny has a hard time blocking the lasers with his hair but Nosh easily dodges while moving ahead, going faster than Sunny. When a Laser Squall made of several Laser Rain droplets falls, Nosh is forced to use his Plate Shield, which repels all the striking lasers, but cannot move for a while. Sunny grabs Nosh and speeds forward.[8]

Later Sunny, who is still holding Nosh, uses his new technique Hair Pull to move swiftly through the Slow Rain Hills, which are incredibly hard to traverse through due to the high air density. When Sunny asks Nosh to do something, he replies that he got some ingredients on the way. After arriving at the Giant Air Tree, Nosh gets excited after seeing AIR for the first time. Nosh listens to what Komatsu has to say about what he found out about the Air Fruit. Nosh reveals the Sweet Potatsnails he gathered from the Plains of the Bees' Nest. Nosh takes part in preparing the Air Fruit by saying that he will catch it to make sure it does not crash on the ground.[9]

After Komatsu assigns everyone to various jobs, Nosh stands directly under AIR. After everyone does their jobs, the ripening becomes faster and Komatsu begins to cut through the incredibly delicate layers on the top to make a passage for the air to escape after it falls down. Before Komatsu could complete, AIR begins to separate from the Giant Air Tree's branch and no one could stop the falling of the fruit. Sunny calls out to Nosh, who Nosh bulks up his whole body to his maximum potential and then concentrates it all into the plate on his head to make the Ozara Tate. AIR drops on his head and Nosh feels the fruit is too heavy for him to handle. Brunch asks him to hang on while Komatsu tries his best to complete his job, and when Komatsu feels that he cannot make it in time, his Gourmet Cells take over and he does the rest of the work in a flash just in time before Nosh could not hold it any longer. When AIR crashes to the ground, the air escapes through the hole Komatsu made and Brunch pulls Nosh out from under it.[10]

Later on Nosh eats AIR together with everyone. When NEO strikes and puts the villagers of Hex Food World to sleep,[5] Nosh is one of the few who sensed the danger and stopped breathing and watches Toriko alone deal with the NEO members.[11] Afterwards he sees off the Four Heavenly Kings as they head to Area 7 aboard the Denshark.[12]


  • Such as characters Brunch and Dinner, Nosh's name also refers to a meal, meaning light meal or snack.


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