Mushroom  Nunchuck Weed  Sushi
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Aliases Seashore Nunchucks
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Type Seaweed
Capture Level Unknown
Location Seashores,
Tou-Chinese Island
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 51
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Nunchuck Weeds are a breed of edible seaweed resembling little green nunchucks, hence their name. They appear exclusively within the continuity of the Toriko x One Piece Collaboration Specials.



Nunchuck Weeds grow together in bunches from small thin pink stems and have a similar appearance to nunchucks with chains due to the little stems usually keeping them together They cannot grow in fresh water and thus can only grow in the sea or a salt water reservoir. They can be boiled in water and marinated in sauce.


Toriko x One Piece 2Edit


Nunchuck Weed in the wild.

When Toriko, Komatsu and the Straw Hats still had no leads on where to find the Seafood Fruit on Tou-Chinese Island which could cure Chopper of his illness, they stopped to discuss their next action while eating a meal prepared by Komatsu. Toriko then noticed that one of the meals Komatsu prepared, specifically the Nunchuck Weed, only grows in salt water environments, he asked Komatsu where he got it, to which he replied that he found it near the river. Toriko and the others then headed for the nearby river and found some more Nunchuck Weed growing in it, which made Toriko realize that a few of the rivers were artificially made and their water was coming from a salt water reservoir on the top of the island which helped the group eventually find the Seafood Fruit.