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Obsaurus GM.png
Japanese オブ
Romanized Obu
Race Obsaurus
Birthday August 6
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Terry Cloth's servant

Toriko's pet

Personal Status
Relatives Terry Cloth and Toriko (masters)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 35
Anime Debut Episode 11
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Ob (オブ, Obu) is an Obsaurus from the 1st Biotope who was tamed by Toriko, then later Terry Cloth and ended up living with them at Toriko's house.


It is a large, monstrous-looking mammal with green leathery skin, sharp fangs, two heads connected at the skull and two blue eyes belonging to each face, however its fearsome appearance belies its loyal and friendly nature. When it was first seen most of its horns were broken after its battle with Toriko but after Toriko's return from Life its horns regrew and it is now bigger in size.

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Ob sleeping next to Terry.

Like most Obsauruses, it was an extremely bold and daring beast who became loyal to anyone who could defeat it, however its long since changed and is now solely loyal and caring to its kind masters Terry and Toriko. It is very affectionate towards Toriko and will often act like a household pet when in his presence. It is also very close to Terry Cloth and vice versa, often spending much of its time relaxing, playing, sleeping or snuggling with Terry, showing a close bond between the two.

Powers and Abilities[]

It is shown to be quite powerful, able to tear down multiple stone pillars on the Devil Athletics merely by biting them. It also has impeccable stamina, capable of swimming from the 1st Biotope to Toriko's Sweets House and traveling from the house to the Wul Jungle all on its own. It also has the ability to form some kind of bond with its masters which allows it to sense when they're in danger and locate them wherever they are, such as when it traveled to the Wul Continent to search for Terry and Toriko whose lives had been put in danger by Grinpatch, and it arrived there in time despite the incredibly long distance, indicating that it might've sensed the danger before it even occurred showing that it may possess some form of foresight.


Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Shifting Loyalties[]

Ob "defeated".

When it was first encountered by Toriko it was already under the command of Cedre of the Gourmet Corp. to stall Toriko, however Toriko was able to quickly tame him and used him as a steed to Devil Athletics. Later on it was defeated by Starjun when attempting to slow him down and used to distract Terry Cloth from reaching Toriko, however Ob sensed the hidden potential that Terry possessed and chose to stick by Terry ever since. It even followed Terry and Toriko all the way from the 1st Biotope to their house.

BB Corn Arc[]

Eternal Loyalty[]

Ob arrives to help its masters.

Since becoming Terry's servant it is constantly seen with a happy expression and tends to behave like a pet dog when around Toriko and it never ceases to show its loyalty, such as when it traveled to the far off Wul Jungle in the massive Wul continent and saved Toriko and Terry after their fight against Grinpatch.

Century Soup Arc[]

The Second Master's Return[]

After Toriko returns from his long absence in the country of Life, Ob and Terry arrive to greet him with a Crab Pig and over-affectionate licks, leaving Toriko in a shower of drool. It appears that Ob has also grown in size since Toriko was gone and its broken horns (which broke off during its old fights) have regrown.

Collecting Candy (Filler)[]

When Toriko realized that his house had been eaten, he decides to go on a hunt for materials to build a new sweets house and brings Terry and Ob along to help. During their hunt they discovered many useful ingredients, including Ob who found Marshmalrocks and some Lotusconbu. After a long day of hunting Terry and Ob spent the rest of the day napping peacefully together while Toriko and his friends held a huge party in the new house.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Trip to the Gourmet Beach (Filler)[]

Terry and Ob enjoying the Fireworcuits.

Ob, along with Terry Cloth, Yun and Komatsu went with Toriko on his trip to the beach to enjoy the summer festivities and the many gourmet ingredients available at the stalls. As to not frighten the local humans, Terry and Ob spent most of their vacation in an isolated area of the beach, simply enjoying each others company and the cool water. When Toriko had to go in search for a young girl named Safla, Terry and Ob came along with him, however most of the time Ob stayed in the water as he could not fit on Tom's boat or get onto the Islandhorse. By the end of the adventure, Terry and Ob returned to their area of the beach and simply relaxed in comfort and then enjoyed the Fireworcuits display that took place that night.

Billion Bird Arc[]

When all of Four Heavenly Kings' friends and allies went to meet them at the Toriko Harbor in order to say their goodbyes, Ob was not seen among them, despite that other beasts were there as well. Whether this implies that Ob did not survive the Meteor Spice or simply found a new master remains unknown.

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the manga, Ob's horns are shown to have fully grown back when Toriko returned from life, however in the anime they have yet to fully grow back at all.

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