Ocean profile
Japanese オーシャン
Romanized Ōshan
English Ocean
Aliases Sea King (海王 Kai-Ō)
Capture Level 4390
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Seven Beasts;
Occupation Ruler of Area 6
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 328 (mentioned)
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Ocean (オーシャン Ōshan), the Sea King (海王 Kai-Ō), is one of the powerful Seven Beasts who rule over Area 6 below "Whale King" Moon.


Ocean is an odd creature seemingly made out of slime or a liquid-like substance. It has small beady black eyes with white pupils and a large grin.


Not much of Ocean's personality is known, but it seems to have a constant grin on its face.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being one of the Seven Beasts, Ocean is one of the strongest beasts in Area 6, and with a capture level over 4000, it is truly a beast of tremendous strength worthy of being considered a member of the Seven Beasts.

Being a living Back Channel, there is a time dislocation between the time of the outside world and the time inside Ocean of 1 to 360. In other words, one day on the outside equates to one year inside Ocean. Because of this time dislocation, Ocean, in turn, has the native ability of being immune to Moon's power.[1]


At some point in the distant past, ANOTHER nested within Ocean and its savoriness affected the creature's skin.[2]


Jiji revealed to the Four Heavenly Kings' Support Group that Ocean's skin was the mineral they needed to produce the "Apron" of the Golden Cookware.[2] One of the Gourmet Knights spent 10 years retrieving skin from Ocean.[1] Successful the knight returned to Blue Grill.[3]


  • Ocean is the work of a fan from Shiga Prefecture.


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