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Japanese オクトチャン
Romanized Okuto-chan
Race Octomelon
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Four Heavenly Kings, Ichiryu, Chichi
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 272
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Octo-chan is a tamed Octomelon that is currently traveling with the Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu and their animal partners during their journey within Gourmet World where it serves as their mobile home, storage unit, and their main form of transportation, all the while protecting their presence with the Rest Room it creates. It was affectionately given its name by Komatsu shortly after arriving in Gourmet World.


Octo-chan's body map, detailing all the rooms within it.

Octo-chan is a giant creature and presumably resembles a common Octomelon, however it possesses a chunk of land on the top of its head which has growing on it a very durable tree which also doubles as a house and within the chunk of earth on its head it has a small lake of water filled with fish, a well, and a rather nice yard. The well on its head leads below the chunk of earth and into a small hollowed out section within Octo-chan's head which has been turned into a small bathhouse.

The inside of its body appears to be modified to have many rooms which have all the needs of a home as well and its "Belly Room" leads into a vast room which resembles the grand hall of a mansion or a palace. Each of the rooms are very large and have all the comforts of a home, having a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, a food repository, a storage area for cooking tools of all sizes and a pilot cabin for controlling Octo-chan's movements while in "Diving Mode". Each of these rooms appear to be far larger than Chichi's house and are large enough for the Heavenly Kings' animal partners to fit in comfortably.


Octo-chan is a well tamed Octomelon and it is a very passive and non-aggressive creature who will show no ill will to anything big or small and actually appears to be a bit cowardly and quite expressive, easily becoming shocked at the sight of powerful beasts and deadly situations, likely due to being used to hiding rather than fighting. It also does not mind if others live on or in it and will show no discomfort because of it. It also appears to be getting along well with the Kings, Komatsu and their animal partners, showing that it is a very social creature.

Powers and Abilities[]

Octo-chan's Diving Mode.

Being an Octomelon, Octo-chan has the natural ability to produce its own Rest Room to protect itself from weaker or less perceptive beasts. It is also able to store a large amount of items (big or small) such as cooking utensils and other cookware in its Belly Room while also having enough room for a young Battle Wolf, Emperor Crow and Mother Snake to ride along inside it as well without discomfort for it or its passengers. Despite its size Octo-chan is quite buoyant, always somehow staying on the surface of the ocean, unless it enters Diving Mode (潜水モード Sensui Mōdo). However, while in this Mode, Octo-chan can't actually control its movements.

Octo-chan using its projectile attack.

The inside of Octo-chan's body appears to have been partly modified so that it has several rooms with modern conveniences and electricity. One of the rooms is actually a pilot cabin where one can control Octo-chan's movements via small inner tentacles while its in Diving Mode. Furthermore, they can monitor their steering through a large monitor and control panel that are installed around these smaller control tentacles. Its only known offensive skill is a projectile attack that Komatsu accidentally triggered while driving it.



Sometime ago long before the year and a half timeskip, Ichiryu caught and tamed this beast so it could one day be used by the Four Heavenly Kings as their mobile home within Gourmet World. After doing so it took the Octomelon to the 1st Biotope where it then planted itself in the soil in order to ripen its body. It would stay there hibernating until the day the Kings would come to its location. During that time or before its planting, a Gourmet World tree was planted on the soil above its head which was made into a house for Ichiryu's old Nitro friend, Chichi and he would live there until the day the Kings arrived. The tree and the Octomelon's presence would remain undetected by the wild beasts of the 1st Biotope thanks to its Rest Room, which also made it a great place to hide Ichiryu's main dish from his Full Course Menu.

Billion Bird Arc[]

A year and a half after the events of the Meteor Spice, Toriko would return to the Human World and reunite with the Four Heavenly Kings in order to find Ichiryu's main dish. They would then discover it within the Rest Room at the 1st Biotope, but unknown to them at the time was the presence of Chichi and the Octomelon buried deep underground within the Rest Room they had entered.

AIR Arc[]

After successfully reviving Ichiryu's main dish, the Kings return to the Rest Room where they finally met Chichi who explained Ichiryu's intentions as well as other info, and revealed to them the existence of the Octomelon which then quickly awoke from its long hibernation and emerged from the ground while the group was still inside the tree house. Chichi then told them that Ichiryu caught the Octomelon for the Kings to use within Gourmet World as a safe mobile tent and with that Chichi parted ways with them and left the Octomelon in their care.

Octo-chan drinking a nice bowl of stew after things calmed down.

The Octomelon then took them to the Toriko Harbor, where many of the Kings and Komatsu's friends and allies gathered to bid farewell to them. After saying their goodbyes, the Kings, Komatsu and their animal partners boarded the Octomelon which then ran off across the sea and into the third and most dangerous entrance into Gourmet World, Yutou Island's Harbor of Evil Spirits. Upon entering the fierce Thorn Sea near Yutou Island, the Octomelon was quickly ambushed by a Raliengler Fish but before the beast could attack it, it was killed by a deadly wave from the Thorn Sea, thus sparing the Octomelon. The Octomelon then continued its trek and they eventually arrived at the Harbor of Evil Spirits which despite its frightening atmosphere, the Octomelon continued on through until it arrived on the island, but much to its horror, the island's shore was actually a deep chasm that led into a foggy underworld filled with the illusionary Real Mist. Luckily before it could fall, the Octomelon was saved by Quinn, but the two were then attacked by a school of vicious Torpedo Sausages which began biting Quinn much to the hanging Octomelon's panic. They were then saved by Kiss who killed the vicious beasts. Later after Toriko and Coco defeated the Soy Milk Road, the creator of the Real Mist, the Octomelon discovered that it was standing on solid ground all along, having only been deceived by the mist. With their foes defeated, Komatsu began preparing the beasts with some ingredients and cookware he had store inside the Octomelon, which he now affectionately dubbed "Octo-chan". Komatsu then made an extravagant meal and prepared an extra large bowl of stew for Octo-chan which it happily drank up with a large straw. Octo-chan and the others then took notice of the mysterious frog that approached them in a vehicle while it spoke an odd foreign language.

The frog introduces itself to the group as Mappy along with the vehicle beast Croakswagon. After the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu decide to take in Mappy and the Croakswagon as their guide to Area 8's Hex Food World, Octo-chan allows Mappy to ride on him, when Mappy tells the group to follow the Croakswagon, which rushes of at high speed, prompting Octo-chan to rush after it. As it follows the Croakswagon, Octo-chan as well as the rest of the group feel an intense shock when they stumble across a footprint belonging to one of the Eight Kings of the Gourmet World, the Heraku. Once they passed the Heraku's footprint, Octo-chan carries the group to the Gold Swamp, a shinning swamp that links Yutou Island to Area 8, however danger comes close as Mappy notices that the clouds are descending. 

Octo-chan sees, along with the rest of the group, the Steel Clouds quickly descending, before nearly being struck by a lightning in the shape of a foot, which Mappy calls the lightning an Iron Foot and the weather itself as Iron Steps. The Croakswagon it was following tells the group to enter Octo-chan's belly in order to escape the danger. As the Steel Clouds were descending to quickly, the group manages to enter his belly and Octo-chan was forced into Diving Mode as it is pushed under the Gold Swamp by the Steel Clouds. Octo-chan, unable to swim in his Diving Mode, is pulled by the current that leads to the underground maze known as the Gold Labyrinth. Within the maze, Komatsu was tasked by the Heavenly Kings to take control of Octo-chan while it is in Diving Mode. Octo-chan goes through the maze, controlled by Komatsu, and swims to an unknown location where they find a random beast. Due to the shock of seeing the beast, Komatsu accidentally makes Octo-chan shoot the monster, making it aggressive. Octo-chan is then controlled to retreat. 

Octo-chan flees from the stronger beasts as Komatsu controls it, until Coco notices a light and points to that direction. They burst out of the Gold Labyrinth and lands on the Area 8 mainland where Octo-chan resumes its normal form so that it can move on land. Octo-chan then gets hit by a huge raindrop and, feeling refreshed after being through so much in the Gold Labyrinth, continues to cruise through the land in different rains such as Amedama and Medama before reaching a huge cave which was the entrance to the Hex Food World. It was then told to wait at the entrance of the cave along with the other animal partners.

After the successful capture of AIR by the combined powers of both the Heavenly Kings, the Hex Food Beast Knights and Komatsu, Octo-chan would, along with many of Hex Food World's residents, visit Slow Rain Hills as the adverse weather finally cleared and they can now travel safely through the continent. Octo-chan, along with everyone else, would celebrate the success with a feast of AIR. However as they celebrate their feast, night time draws near and danger soon emerges out of nowhere as everyone is ambushed by NEO. It is unknown whether Octo-chan would had been affected or even attacked by NEO however Octo-chan seems to be unharmed from the failed ambush.

PAIR Arc[]

After everything had settled down from the failed ambush by NEO, the Heavenly Kings, Atashino, Melk the First and Brunch prepare to depart on their next journey. Due to Komatsu's severe conditions, the group intended to make haste. Octo-chan (who seems to have grown larger due to unexplained reasons) is packed with many Ingredients from Area 8, but most important of all Octo-chan now carries the legendary Food King AIR and Melk decides to pilot Octo-chan along with Atashino and the Food Beast Knights. Toriko soon realizes that due to the Steel Clouds still blocking the path of the Golden Swamp, it would be impossible for Octo-chan to leave immediately. However Octo-chan senses the immense power of none other than the Horse King herself who, with a single exhale of breath, clears the Steel Clouds in an instant. With the path now clear, Octo-chan prepares to leave and return once more to the Human World. 

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