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Japanese オクトパスマンモス
Romanized Okutopasu Manmosu
English Octopus Mammoth
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Type Mollusk-Mammal Beast
Capture Level 4500
Length 550m
Weight 20,000,000t
Price 100g / 900,000 yen
Habitat Area 5
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 341
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The Octopus Mammoth (オクトパスマンモス Okutopasu Manmosu) is a species of mammoth-like beasts native to Area 5.


It has the body of a mammoth but has pointed teeth, suction cups on the underside of its trunk, six eyes, and several tentacles sprouting from the top and back of its head.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With a Capture Level of 4500, the Octopus Mammoth is one of the stronger animals in the Gourmet World.

According to its description, it is capable of freely manipulating water pressure and air pressure in its surroundings, and it has excellent sense of smell.



To prevent the Deer King becoming angry, an Octopus Mammoth prepares to battle the piece of Neo that landed on the Deer King's back.[1]

GOD ArcEdit

Having hidden in the Deer King's horns, an Octopus Mammoth and other beasts ambush Acacia within the Deer King's Back Channel.[2]


  • It was created by Ohguro-san from Saitama Prefecture.


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