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Oeaster Island
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Japanese オイースター島 (オイースターとう)
Romanized Oīsutā Tou
Aliases Underwater Island
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Type Mollusk
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Underwater seas near Gourmet Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 131
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The Oeaster Island (オイースター島) is a species of mollusk beast that is located under the seas of Gourmet Island. It is a humongous oyster that resembles an entire island, and it has some moai statues over his shell. Its size is huge due to the abundant nutrients of Gourmet Island that this beast consumes.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

When Komatsu was about to give up on his competition of Entire Island Cooking, Toriko and him realized that the sea view was really pretty with its glittering shine, and that gave them a clue of the extraordinary levels of nutrients the sea had. Then they concluded that there would exist ingredients that were taking all these nutrients from the ocean, such as oysters. The Heavenly King then proceeded to dive in the sea so he could capture the oysters, but then a massive Oeaster Island emerged from underwater. Toriko launched a Flying Fork to the beast with no results, but that only made the beast rush to raze the attacker. It was ultimately knocked out with a 10-Hit Nail Punch and that made the beast open its shell, revealing a truly delicious, shiny and magnificent meat on its inside. Komatsu cooked the meat and served various portions to the Gourmet Seven for the judging, and even offered them a Lemalmond that they could squeeze it on the meat to make the flavor even more exquisite.



  • Its name is a pun between Oyster and Easter.
  • The moai that it has on its shell makes allusion to the ones of Easter Island, since it’s a beast that resembles an island.

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