Japanese オーガー
Romanized Ōgā
English Ogre
Aliases Red Demon (赤鬼 Aka Oni)
Race Appetite Demon
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height 3m
Weight 2t
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Toriko (host)
Personal Status
Relatives Blue Demon (counterpart)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 2
Anime Episode 2
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival
Japanese Ryōtarō Okiayu
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The mysterious entity simply known as the Ogre (オーガー Ōgā),[1] or Red Demon (赤鬼 Aka Oni),[2] is one of Toriko's Appetite Demons, the others being the Blue Demon and the White Demon. Ogre usually serves as Toriko's main form of Intimidation and is usually the one to save Toriko whenever his life is on the verge of death.


Whenever manifesting or confronting Toriko within his subconscious, Ogre takes on the form of a male Hannya-like demon with dark red skin, pointed ears, white hair, black eyes with yellow pupils, sharp fangs, and a large tongue which always hangs from its mouth, as if seemingly always hungry. Whenever Toriko falls into an unconscious state, Ogre appears in its full form within his mind, and it normally wears a simple beige cloth tied around its waist. It also manifests itself with a bib or formal white clothing along with a fork and knife in each hand. When Toriko is exposed to Battle Fragrance, his face and that of Ogre become heavily contorted and more vicious and monstrous-looking.

Before becoming one of Toriko's Appetite Demons, Ogre took on a more demonic appearance, sporting a shorter hair and having numerous spiked protrusions around its shoulders, matching the Blue Demon's spikes albeit smaller.

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Whenever Ogre manifests itself in Toriko's consciousness, it creates a world within its host that serves as its domain. This domain is first shown during Toriko's fight with Starjun and it represented a domain filled with the food Komatsu had cooked and Toriko had eaten. This domain would once again be visited later on however its visitor would be the Blue Demon. The door which leads to Ogre's domain is shown as a dark colored door with a flame patterned border.


Ogre is a feral being that embodies Toriko's appetite, as such, its only concern is eating delicious foods, often acting uncaring and vicious when in battle. It normally sports its wicked grin even during dangerous situations and when Toriko is forced to rely on it, Ogre calmly makes a deal with its host as long as it is given the opportunity to feed and it will nonchalantly consume its own host's body through autophagy to make sure it is victorious. Despite this uncaring attitude and feral nature, the Red Demon is actually capable of being calm and showing genuine fear for itself and concern for its host, as shown when Toriko's life was truly threatened by Heracles and was willing to awaken the Blue Demon in order to save Toriko despite his own apparent fear of his counterpart's power. This shows that it does care for Toriko's safety if its own strength is insufficient to keep him alive and it knows when to admit that it is not strong enough to handle a dangerous opponent.

Long before it had become Toriko's Appetite Demon, the Red Demon lived as the mighty Ogre. During its existence before Toriko, Ogre was known to be a more gentle creature despite its feral appearance, however even with its more gentle nature, Ogre is known to be an unmatched warrior when enraged.  

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Toriko piercing Starjun

The Red Demon manifests and pierces Starjun.

The Red Demon is the embodiment of Toriko's appetite given form by his Gourmet Cells, as such it has complete control over Toriko's cells and can increase the strength of his cells temporarily in exchange for slowly consuming Toriko through autophagy. It also appears to have some involvement in the development of his cells. It claims that its current level of power is not enough to fight Heracles, unlike his blue counterpart, showing that it is the weaker of the two, however it implied that in time its power may grow as it develops.

It is said that when an Appetite Demon breathes, it uses its own skin in order to perform the breathing process. When the Red Demon's arm bonds with Toriko, he allows Toriko to use his arm to perform jet speed attacks due to the process of exhaling of an Appetite Demon being similar to that of a jet plane.


Toriko's Ultimate Routine

The Red Demon's powerful intimidation through the Ultimate Routine.

Being an Appetite Demon, Toriko can manifest the Red Demon as an non-corporeal illusion over his body which can instill fear into weaker opponents via intimidation, using its frightening appearance in conjunction with Toriko's own dominant odor to make lesser beings realize their inferiority. After the timeskip, the Red Demon's intimidation has grown even more stronger thanks to Toriko mastering the Ultimate Routine which enables him to create more complex illusions with the Red Demon.

In a rare instance, the Red Demon can actually make its illusionary body solid in order to physically attack foes, as demonstrated when it impaled Starjun with its arm. Whether it performs this via Gourmet Cells, Appetite Energy or the Ultimate Routine is uncertain.



Autophagy (自食作用 (オートファジー) Ōtofajī): Autophagy occurs when living beings are starved and need energy, so their cells consume other less vital parts of their body. As such, autophagy occurs when Toriko's mortal life is in peril and is activated by his Red Demon after asking for its aid. Autophagy temporarily restores Toriko's stamina to full for 5 minutes, in exchange the Red Demon eats away at Toriko's body during that time until he can replenish his stamina. After undergoing Food Honor training, Toriko learned to store even more stamina from food in his body to keep his Red Demon satisfied. Within this 5-minute period, Toriko needs to re-nourish his body or face serious health risks as his Red Demon eats away at his body, and overusing autophagy may even result in death.

Devil Sense

Devil Sense (魔王の嗅覚 (デビルセンス) Debiru Sensu, literally meaning "Devil's Sense of Smell"): The Red Demon uses his enhanced nose to inhale deeply. With his incredible sense of smell, he can learn everything about a target, almost like pulling out the target's soul. It is on par with the Wolf King's signature skill, Guinness Search.[3]

Ogre Jet Punch

Jet Punch (ジェットパンチ Jetto Panchi): The Red Demon throws a punch using his skin respiration to enhance it's speed and power. He first used it against PAIR, who countered it with his Scrub Shot.[4]




Ogre, the strongest warrior ever.

In the long past, Ogre was considered the strongest warrior ever, unmatched when enraged, with an incredible sense of smell.[1]

It is unknown when the Red Demon first manifested, but it and the other demons have existed within Toriko since he was a child and they were first sensed by Ichiryu when he and Mansam discovered the orphan Toriko. Throughout his life as a gourmet hunter, Toriko has used the Red Demon to frighten or deal with weaker foes on many occasions; however, when exactly Toriko became aware of its existence remains unknown.

Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

After Toriko's near-death experience at the hands of Starjun, Toriko encounters his Red Demon within his subconscious where it appears to be eating away at Toriko's body, a likely sign that it is beginning autophagy. It warns him that it would give him the strength he needs to fight but that it would only last for 5 minutes. Toriko then uses his second chance to attack Starjun's GT Robo. Despite his best effort he is defeated and punched away. Luckily Toriko is able to avoid unconsciousness after a drop of juice from the Jewel Meat awakens him, and after eating the meat, Toriko has enough stamina to recover and defeat Starjun without aid of the Red Demon.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

As Toriko's body begins running out of calories during his battles in the Gourmet Pyramid, his Red Demon appears before him in his mind once more and begins the process of autophagy to give Toriko the strength he needs to fight off the ancient Nitro.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

When Toriko and Starjun faces off at Cooking Island, both their demons begin to face one another as their hosts prepare to battle to their limits. As their battle begins, Toriko speaks with the Red Demon who appears atop a mountain of food enjoying all the things Toriko had eaten. Toriko wonders if his offerings through Food Immersion satisfied it enough for it to allow Toriko to use its full power. The Red Demon complies and Toriko is able to fight at full strength with Starjun.[5] After a fierce battle and several close encounters, Toriko is in the end defeated by Starjun, having lost both an arm and a leg in the process, but before their match ends, Toriko physically manifests his Red Demon who then impales Starjun with its arm. The defeated Starjun allows Komatsu to heal Toriko before taking the young chef away.

AIR ArcEdit

Toriko faces off against Heracles and the Red Demon is itching to fight. With a single breath, Heracles destroys the right half of Toriko's body.[6] When the Cure Water begins to heal Toriko's body, the Red Demon takes drastic actions to save Toriko: awakening the Blue Demon and requesting that it save their host before it is too late, as he is still not strong enough to fight Heracles. At first the Blue Demon is hesitant and even threatens its counterpart, but eventually complies. It speeds up Toriko's healing process and proceeds to leave its host body to fight off Heracles while Toriko recovers.[7]

With the consumption of AIR, its left arm has been revived.[8] The Blue Demon approaches the Red Demon and they discuss AIR, Heracles, and their desire to fight. Toriko uses its left arm to destroy Kariu and Boneless, to send Shigematsu flying, and to attack Teppei.[9] Its left arm begins exhaling air to increase the speed and power of attacks. Its Jet Nail Punch is initially matched by Teppei's right arm but subsequent punches shatter Teppei's arm.[10]

PAIR ArcEdit

With the consumption of PAIR, its right arm has been revived.[11]


Drifting through the World of Souls, Komatsu encountered a cruise liner full of Appetite Demons. There, he saw Ogre and Blue Demon sitting with a third one. Without turning to look at him, Ogre reminded Komatsu of his goal to eat a meal with everyone.[12]

During their match with Guinness, Toriko and Starjun are attacked by a piece of Neo. Because Toriko is too slow in reacting, the Red Demon takes over and combines attacks with Starjun's Appetite Demon, launching the creature up into the sky.[13]

Toriko Three Demons

Red and Blue Demons with Toriko's original Demon

With Toriko consuming ANOTHER, NEWS, EARTH, and ATOM, all of the Red Demon has been revived except its heart and brain. Jiji shares the story of each Appetite Demon within the Heavenly Kings and states that Ogre was considered the strongest of warriors despite its more peaceful nature.[14] When Komatsu opens the Golden Can, Ogre and the Blue Demon stand in front of the White Demon within Toriko. Ogre tells the White Demon to wait its turn but the Blue Demon states that the waking demon was the first demon within Toriko.[15]

GOD ArcEdit

Toriko manifests Red and Blue

Toriko manifests his Red and Blue Demons

Toriko's Red and Blue Demons manifest to defend him from Acacia's Gourmet Hand, with Ogre blocking the attack and Blue Demon slowing them down when knocked back. The demons return to Toriko as GOD attacks Acacia. When ATOM and PAIR try to interfere, Toriko stops them and manifests the two demons to attack.[16]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, the Red Demon is given a lighter skin color which resembles pink rather than red.


Ogre's Profile

Ogre's profile

  • Chichi describes Toriko's red and blue Appetite Demons as Oni,[17] a direct reference to the popular ogres from Japanese myth and folklore. The colors red and blue are also a direct reference to the folklore as these are known to be the most common colors in which oni are depicted.


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