Oil King
Japanese 揚げ料理オイルキング
Romanized Age Ryōri Oiru Kingu
Location Human World
Affiliation Wabutora
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 268
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Oil King is a world famous restaurant owned by "Oil User" Wabutora, one of the top 100 chefs in the world. The restaurant specializes in Deep Frying Cuisine. It appears to have numerous other restaurants as well (indicating that it may be a chain restaurant) with the main restaurant being Wabutora's primary place of business.


All of the food served in Oil King is deep fried in oil as is to be expected since it is a Deep Frying Cuisine establishment. All the food is fried in many kinds of high-quality oils such as Second Oil and Simmer Oil, but ever since the discovery of Mors Oil by chef Komatsu, Wabutora primarily uses it in his cooking now.

After the fall of the Meteor Spice caused a heavy loss of resources for the Human World, all restaurants (including Oil King) were forced to serve Food Tablets until the food crisis could be resolved. After the successful revival of the Billion Birds and their mass distribution, Oil King was able to serve real food on its menu once again, although it is unknown if the oils used are the same as the ones from before the fall of the Meteor Spice or a substitute oil made from the Billion Bird.


Known items on the menu:

Meat DishesEdit

Vegetable DishesEdit

  • Plumb Oil Nattou
  • Olive Tomato Green Perilla Salad

Soup DishesEdit

  • Rice Flour Dumpling Sweet Red-Bean Soup


  • Golden Oil

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