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One Piece x Toriko: The True Food! Devil Fruit
CrossEpochToriko x OnePiece
Chapter Info
Volume: Gourmet Hunting Book
Gourmet: Special
Japanese Title: 実食! 悪魔の実!!
Romanized Title: Jisshoku! Akuma no Mi!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: April 4, 2011
WSJ Issue: Issue 18, 2011
Chapter Chronology
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One Piece x Toriko: The True Food! Devil Fruit is a special manga crossover created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and Eiichiro Oda, which features characters from both Toriko and One Piece.


The story takes place on the ingredient-filled Gourmet Island, a food-shaped island filled with many strange creatures and odd weather patterns which consists of hailing meat, milk and chocolate rain and snow-like cotton candy.

The story begins with Monkey D. Luffy sleeping somewhere on Gourmet Island but is then woken up by a hail fall of meat and on the other side of the island Toriko and Komatsu are searching for ingredients when they come upon a Devil Fruit, a cursed fruit said to grant the eater great powers, Toriko is then tempted into eating the oddly-shaped fruit but is stopped by Luffy who warns him that the Devil Fruit's flavor is truly awful, however Komatsu believes that there may be a way to prepare the fruit and bring about its true taste, this then encourages Luffy and Toriko to go hunt for rare ingredients so Komatsu can prepare the fruit.

During their hunt Komatsu finally brings about the fruit's true flavor but is shocked when Toriko and Luffy bring more food than they should have, this doesn't discourage them however as they decide to invite all their friends to the island for a big feast. Toriko's companions and the Straw Hat Pirates quickly arrive and party on excitedly. When the time comes to eat the fruit everyone looks on to Toriko in suspense to see his reaction, which surprisingly was one of pure delight, the fruit's flavor even tempted Toriko to replace it over GOD on his full course menu. Later on Toriko's gang and the Straw Hats bid each other farewell and promise to meet each other again on Gourmet Island after Toriko's found GOD and Luffy has become the Pirate King.

Later on Toriko and Komatsu visit Setsuno and show her the Devil Fruit however to their horror she reveals that it's just a regular old turd with an odd shape.



Toriko's companions and the Straw Hat Pirates partying.


  • It is possible that Luffy is capable of entering the Gourmet World, as he easily defeats a Pig Inside a Fox Inside a Tiger, a creature with an unmeasurable capture level.

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