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Chapter Info
Volume: Toriko Gourmet Hunting Book
Gourmet: 0
Japanese Title: トリコ
Romanized Title: Toriko
Viz Title: Toriko
Total Pages: 55
Year Released: January 23-29, 2002
WSJ Issue: Issue 6-7-2002
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Oneshot 2002 is the original pilot manga of Toriko and features Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro's first version of the characters and storyline. The pilot's existence remained mostly unknown and forgotten until the release of the Toriko Gourmet Hunting Book which included it as a bonus.


The story starts off in a serene location as an antelope drinks from a watering hole, just then half the creature's body is bitten off by a large Python Tiger, the beast then prepares to eat the rest of its prey until it senses the presence of a fierce beast and quickly jumps back into the water to avoid death with even the antelope corpse following suit.

Elsewhere, the Gourmet Hunter Toriko is seen dining in a luxury hotel where he is being briefed by the young chef Komatsu on a request to capture a Baron Bison. Toriko perks up at the idea of capturing it and complies with the request and prepares to set off in the morning.




  • The overall plot of the pilot mirrors that of the Galala Gator Arc, indicating that Shimabukuro based the arc on this oneshot.
  • The manga was not picked up for publication at the time due to the author going through personal problems. However he would get a second chance at pitching another oneshot in 2007 which would be picked up and turned into the current Toriko series.

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