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Romanized Oni
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Type Apparition
Habitat Oniga Village (homeland),
Hex Food World
Related Blue Oni
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Manga Chapter 282
Anime Episode 139 (mentioned)
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Blue Oni redirects here. For the article on Toriko's blue Appetite Devil, see Blue Demon.

The Oni () are a race of humanoid ogres that are native to Gourmet World and hail from Oniga Village in the Hex Food World.[1]



A Blue Oni.

The Oni have humanoid muscular bodies with dark skin, shaggy hair, sharp teeth, pointy ears and most notably, a single spiral horn growing out of the top of their heads. Most onis wear very little clothing, with the only thing they were being a simply tiger stripe loin cloth.

Blue OnisEdit

Onis have a subspecies known as Blue Onis which mostly resemble humans in appearance, but have blue hair, long earlobes, fangs, and a single blue cycloptic eye. Blue Onis also have a single spiral horn on the top of their head.

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit

Onis are an intelligent species and they can fully speak the human language. Onis originate from Oniga Village, but many also live in the main village of Hex Food World. Like the rest of the villagers, Onis highly respect and revere Heracles and shared the dream of one day eating AIR alongside their fellow villagers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Onis appear to be a very strong species. One Blue Oni has shown to posses great skills as a saiseiya, and is considered one the Hex Food Beast Knights, the top three best warriors of the Hex Food World, showing that Onis can hone their skills to great levels.



Like the rest of the races within Hex Food World, the Oni are actually the descendants of ancient humans who were mutated by the Nitro many centuries ago after being injected with Gourmet Cells. These ancient humans would later establish a society in Area 8 and their descendants would become the many diverse races of Hex Food World.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

During the battle of Cooking Festival, Brunch first mentions the existence of Onis to Elg during the latter's dying moments. He mentions that they are common in his home village.[1]

AIR ArcEdit

When the Four Heavenly Kings get ready to depart in order to capture AIR, they are partnered up with the three Hex Food Beast Knights, one of which is a Blue Oni named Dinner who teams up with Coco.

After the Four Heavenly Kings acquired AIR, a few Onis were seen accompanying the gleeful villagers of Hex Food World who had come to taste AIR and gave thanks to the kings for all their efforts.




  • Onis are based on the real-life mythical creatures from Japanese folklore.
  • The meat dish in Brunch's Full Course Menu is called "Smoked Oni Troll".
  • Ironically, long before Brunch mentioned their existence, the Gourmet World was compared by some to "Onigashima", the Oni Island of Japanese folklore.


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