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GT Robo New Model
The latest Bishokukai GT Robo constructed from titanium and the shell of the Orichalclam
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese オリハル貝
Romanized Oriharugai
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Type Mollusk
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Gourmet World
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Acacia's Kitchen

RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 112 (mentioned)
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The Orichalclam (オリハル貝 Oriharugai) is a species of bivalve mollusk from the Gourmet World whose shell appears to be made of the legendary metal Orichalcum, making it a very durable material of incredible endurance.

The hard material of the Orichalclam is used in combination with titanium for the alloy of the new GT Robo model of the Gourmet Corp..


  • Its name is a portmanteau of "Orichalcum" and "Clam".

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