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This article pertains to the Nitro. For the soup in Acacia's menu of the same name, see PAIR.


PAIR full body view.png

Nitro GGB.pngPAIR, depicted as a Red Nitro on the anime

Japanese ペア
Romanized Pea
English PAIR
Aliases PAIR (codename)
Race Blue Nitro
Age Unknown (over 500)
Status Alive
Height 255cm
Weight 8t
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Gourmet Noble
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 107
Anime Episode 47
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PAIR (ペア)[1] is the codename of one of the Gourmet Nobility, and long ago acted as a source of valuable information for Acacia. As its name suggests, it is in charge of "Food King" PAIR in its organization.

It is the very same Blue Nitro that Toriko and Komatsu encounter when they are in Vegetable Sky during the Ozone Herb Arc, making it the first Nitro of the "blue" variant to appear in the series.


PAIR's color scheme.

PAIR is a tall, blue-skinned Nitro with black fur and a tuft of orange hair on its head resembling a mohawk. It wears very simple attire consisting of what appears to be some sort of tribal skirt and a necklace and a bandolier made of yellow stones.[2][3]

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When Toriko and Komatsu first encounter PAIR, they are quite frightened by its presence; however, Toriko senses no hostile intent from the Nitro, indicating that PAIR may not be a violent individual if the situation does not warrant it. Despite being a Blue Nitro, PAIR appears to be a Nitro of great wisdom and knowledge who seems to care about the safety of the Human World, as shown when it warns Acacia of the dangerous events that would transpire in the near future. However, being part of the Gourmet Nobility may suggest that its motives may not be so noble, but due to its willingness to inform Acacia about the Four Beast, a being created by its fellow Nitro, its motives are further obscured in mystery.



PAIR met Acacia when both of them were on the verge of death. They both came to the conclusion to consume a piece of each other in order to survive and obtain the conventional PAIR. After this, it gave Acacia information. PAIR noticed that within Acacia's body lay the Appetite Demon Neo. They are acquaintances but recently their relationship may have soured due to Acacia threatening to eat him if GOD was not in his possession.

Powers and Abilities[]

PAIR appears to be a very strong Blue Nitro, as when it first encounters Toriko and Komatsu at Vegetable Sky, both are very unnerved by its fearsome presence. PAIR is capable of fighting one of the Eight Kings, Bambina, and surviving. PAIR is capable of firing Appetite Energy from his mouth, as he was going to stop Derous from attacking Neo.[4] PAIR can move at incredible speeds in the blink of an eye, as shown when it takes two bites almost simultaneously out of the Ozone Herb.[5]

PAIR is most notably a very knowledgeable being, having access to all the valuable information known to the Blue Nitros, which it shared with Acacia long ago, and having data on several million species of Gourmet World ingredients,[6] which it shared with IGO.[7] PAIR is also capable of speaking the human language.


Scrub Shot.png

Scrub Shot (スクラブショット Sukurabu Shotto): PAIR rakes its fingernails down an opponent's limb. It is first used against Ogre.[8]

Taste Change PAIR.png

Taste Change (テイストチェンジ Teisuto Chenji): With its tail, PAIR stabs a target and alters their thoughts and emotions. It is first used to enrage Toriko.[9]



At an unknown point, PAIR met the future "Gourmet God" Acacia in the continent of Area 7. This meeting, however, was in an unfortunate situation as both were near death: PAIR had failed to eat another monster with an equal Capture Level, and Acacia had encountered the pollen of the Sandoriko. To survive, both ate a part of the other, allowing them to obtain a conventional PAIR. The Nitro also became aware of Acacia's Appetite Demon, Neo.[10]

Gourmet War[]

500 years ago, PAIR warned Acacia of the Four Beast's coming, as it would be used by the Blue Nitro to collect many humans, and of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse that would usher in the appearance of GOD. Acacia took its warning to heart and shared the information with Froese and his sons.[11] Around 10 years later after those events, while Acacia and his family were at their home, the Gourmet Nobility arrived to gather Acacia and Froese.[12][13]

Ozone Herb Arc[]

PAIR appears before Toriko and Komatsu.

After they reach Vegetable Sky, Komatsu discovers the Ozone Herb while Toriko finds the footprint of a Nitro.[14] PAIR watches the two successfully prepare and eat an Ozone Herb before approaching them.[15] It walks past them and takes two bites of the Ozone Herb; however, they make no attempt to fight it out of fear of its abilities. When it tastes the Ozone Herb, it is immediately disgusted by its flavor and runs off, leaving Toriko and Komatsu both scared and in awe.[16]

AIR Arc[]

While Mansam was sleeping, PAIR left its Gourmet ID next to the new president, and the information on the card was used to make the Riddle Chapter.[6][7]

PAIR Arc[]

PAIR talks with NEWS and ANOTHER.

While the Gourmet Nobility discuss the recent events surrounding AIR and the Four Heavenly Kings presence in Area 7, PAIR suddenly arrives much to the surprise of the other nobles, and NEWS immediately calls out PAIR's name and recalls that PAIR had also met Acacia in Area 7 where the Kings are. NEWS then asks PAIR how it thinks Toriko and the others will capture Bambina's PAIR. PAIR recalls that it previously met Toriko and Komatsu back in Vegetable Sky and recognized that they were a good team, but despite this is believed that they would be no match for the "Monkey King."[17]

After the Heavenly Kings acquire PAIR and Bambina blasts away "Kaka," PAIR appears in a far off location where it intercepts Bambina's blast and saves "Kaka", who then tells PAIR of Bambina's monstrous strength and that he has grown too powerful for the Blue Nitro to handle. A frustrated PAIR remarks how bothersome "Bambino" has become before recalling his name change. "Kaka" takes off its turban and reveals itself to be ATOM and speaks about how the meddlesome Ballboons dried up the phantasmal soup PAIR's source and how truly annoying the Eight Kings are due to their meddling. PAIR reminds it that they must acquire the recipes to PAIR and in order to do so they must recapture the traitorous Flavor Sages and Komatsu before the next and final Gourmet Solar Eclipse.[18]


PAIR walks away as Acacia eats Don Slime.

As Don Slime ponders why Neo is able to eat a star, Don realizes that Neo's cells are a different color, which PAIR, appearing behind Don, confirms. As Don Slime screams in anguish, PAIR comments that it came to check on Neo. Acacia asks PAIR if GOD is ready to eat and threatens to consume PAIR if it is not ready soon. Due to the hostility from Acacia's appetite, PAIR prepares to use an unknown item before it stops itself. Sensing it is too early to use it on Acacia, the Nitro tells Acacia that the Gourmet Solar Eclipse has begun but that they need to kill off Jiro first.[19] It returns to the Farthest Kitchen with Acacia, who kills Jiro.[20]

GOD Arc[]

Acacia calls to PAIR when GOD emerges.[20] As Acacia and Joie begin to battle the Four Heavenly Kings and Starjun, PAIR and ATOM keep their distance from the fight. ATOM asks PAIR on the whereabouts of CENTER, to which it replies that CENTER has already acquired the last ingredient.[21] After Toriko knocks down Acacia, PAIR holds its hand up to stay ATOM.[22]

When GOD begins attacking and damaging Acacia, PAIR and ATOM move to aid him, but Toriko stands in their way and releases his Red and Blue Demons to fight.[23] However, after the Eight Kings arrive, Toriko's Appetite Demons return to him. PAIR prepares to fire Appetite Energy at Dragon King, trying to prevent the Derous from hurting Acacia, but Teppei wraps the Nitro in thorny vines, which cause the energy to explode in PAIR's face. Angered, PAIR tears itself free from the vines but becomes panicked when Moon begins sucking in everything.[24] He is amazed when Acacia shatters Moon's meteorite shell. When Deer King traps Acacia in its Back Channel, PAIR goes to help but is stopped again by Teppei and his vines. PAIR and ATOM decide to stop Teppei and Toriko from interfering ever again.[25] When Teppei is distracted by Acacia stabbing Toriko, PAIR punches him into the ground.[26]

PAIR serves CENTER to Acacia.

PAIR appears behind CENTER and, after being handed the Hors d'Oeuvres, stabs and chops up its fellow Nitro, killing it so that it could one day revive should their plan fail.[27] PAIR watches as Acacia eats the Hors d'Oeuvre and transforms. Acacia then recalls Neo, and PAIR explains that the demon needs to eat him to complete the plan. Acacia, however, paralyzes PAIR, having grown tired of the Nitro's talking, and consumes Neo.[28]

When Brunch arrives to save Teppei, PAIR asks to be released in exchange for its help.[29] Not trusting the Nitro, Brunch refuses, so PAIR reveals that it supplied the data for the Riddle Chapter, which Toriko confirms.[30]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

PAIR's face.

In the anime, PAIR has black and white fur, yellow eyes, and red hair. Its necklace has a blue gem, and its bandolier and skirt are grey. The tip of its tail is also red like its hair.

In the anime and video games, PAIR's mouth is shown to open just like the Red Nitros'; however, in the manga, its mouth opens like the other Blue Nitro.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

PAIR (or at least a Nitro with its character design) appears as an unnamed Nitro and boss alongside Starjun within the Regal Mammoth who has come in search of the Jewel Meat and allied itself with the Gourmet Corp. in order to acquire it.

Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle[]

PAIR (or at least a Nitro with its character design) appears as a special playable character in the game who can only be unlocked using a special code included in the first few game copies.



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