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Story Arc Info
Story Arc: PAIR Arc
Chapters: 295 - 323
Episodes: None
Description: The Four Heavenly Kings head for Area 7 in hope of finding PAIR and saving Komatsu from certain death.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: AIR Arc
Followed by: ANOTHER Arc

The PAIR Arc is the 19th story arc of the manga series, Toriko.


Arriving at Area 7[]

The Denshark which is carrying Toriko's party follows the rainbow road made by Heracles towards Area 7. Sunny and Coco discuss about he chance of Komatsu getting healed by Acacia's Soup, PAIR. Coco got the most of the details needed to reach PAIR from the Daruma Hermit. Coco exclaims that the Denshark is quite fast and they will reach Area 7 soon.

Huge masses falling onto the Denshark.

Toriko enters the cabin where the others were sitting. They ask Toriko about the current condition of Komatsu's health. Sunny, Zebra and Coco have set up barriers around where Komatsu was resting so that he will not get attacked by the enemy and also Komatsu was in the head car where the safe zone properties are the highest as the Denshark is about two kilometres. Terry, Kiss and Quinn are the rear car and they are on lookout for dangers. Just as when Coco asks everyone to prepare themselves for the enemy, the Denshark starts shaking. Coco looks out of the window and spots huge masses falling on them. Just as Sunny was going to use the Riddle Chapter to find out what they were, Zebra blasts them away with his 'Voice Missile'. After smelling a bit, Toriko concludes that they are pollen spores. Sunny couldn't believe the size of the pollen the flower from which it came from.

Soon Coco notices land and announces that they have reached Area 7. They find the continent to be very huge as most organisms were ridiculously large. Area 7 was the largest continent in the Gourmet World after Area 4. Just as they make landfall, many huge beasts surround them in all the directions. Just as Toriko's party was to launch a counter attack, the beasts suddenly get frightened and run away.

Beasts surrounding the Denshark as soon as it enters Area 7.

Coco states that since indiscriminated predation was not allowed in Area 7, beasts need permission from the bosses of the continent to hunt. Coco cautions everyone to avoid any unnecessary killings. The Denshark starts moving again. Toriko's party feel that they have shrunk after looking at the huge lifeforms around them. Coco then shares the information he got from the Daruma Hermit. According to him, they must first head to the Birth Cry Tree which has the rank of the being the third tallest in the whole world and they might get a hint on PAIR there or PAIR might be there itself. Sunny enquires of the member of the Seven Civilizations which settled in Area 7. Coco didn't get any information on the Civilization residing in Area 7 from the Daruma Hermit and he vaguely says that the civilization might have been wiped out.

Zebra hears a sound and says that someone had boarded the train. They all look into the passgeway in the train and find a small ape who was hungry and looked ready to attack. Zebra loses his cool and attacks the monkey with his 'Laser Voice' before Sunny could stop him. The monkey gets badly injured. Zebra approaches him and picks him up and warns him that he will not follow the rules and they have to get adapted to him. The monkey lets out a distress call. Zebra immediately kills it. Sunny feels that it has called its pack asks everyone to brace for an attack from a pack of monkeys. They request the Denshark to get away from the place. But it did no good as soon thousands of monkeys swarm around them. Coco notices a primate called Jyarilla upclose. Zebra uses his Death Sound but the Jyarilla fights it and comes in front of him. Zebra wastes no time and transforms his left hand and knocks of the Jyarilla's head. But the Jyarilla just regrows a new head and soon many apes attack Zebra who uses his Sound Bazooka on them.

Toriko calls out to the animals partners and then confronts a Crazy Salsa. He uses his Kugi Punch but the Crazy Salsa somehow takes and deflects the attack into air. Toriko transforms his left hand and rips off the monkey's leg. Toriko acknowldges that the monkeys use martial arts and uses his Nail Gun on the Crazy Salsa. Coco encounters an Iai-Aye and Zebra encounters a Kannon Gorilla. The Monkeys practice a form of martial arts known as Enbu and the ones who were given permission to predate were all newcomers. Toriko finds his Nail Gun to have failed to defeat the Crazy Salsa. Coco understands that they were making the damage flow through their body and then let it out while their Capture Level went on changing. Sunny remembers on how the Four Beast did the same. Suddenly all the monkeys get on their knees and bow to a giant monkey who was standing far away. Zebra notices a strange flower emerging from the ground and soon the ground slipts open and Toriko's party fall into the pitfall. For a moment, their body doesn't move the way they want it too but then somehow manage to get into the Denshark. After they land, they find the ruins of an ancient city in the underground. Then a Nitro requests them to allow her to show them the continent's once flourishing civilization.




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