Mushroom  Palate-Cleansing Ginger  Sushi
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Japanese あじけししょうが
Romanized Aji keshi shōga
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Type Plant
Capture Level Less than 1
Location Fields (can also be artificially cultivated)
Height 60~70cm
Price 500 yen per slice (as a seasoning), offered free in Gourmet Town within Gari Boxes as a palate-cleanser.
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Gourmet 64
Anime Episode 23
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Palate-Cleansing Ginger (あじけししょうが Aji keshi shōga) is a special type of ginger plant that can erase the taste of food from one's mouth, making it useful if one plans to eat another meal of a different taste. It is also a useful seasoning for food and can fetch a price of up to 500 yen a slice.

Within Gourmet Town, in order for each food store to compete with each other fairly without customers misjudging the taste of one meal after having eaten a different one, "Gari Boxes" are provided free of charge throughout the city which dispense Palate-Cleansing Ginger for the customers to use in order to clean their mouths before eating another meal, thus keeping competition between restaurants fair and healthy.

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