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Japanese ピースフルフラワー
Romanized Pīsufurufurawā
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Type Plant
Capture Level Less than 1 (cannot be domesticated)
Location Peaceful Island
Height 30cm
Price 500 yen per stalk
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 56
Anime Episode 19
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The Peaceful Flower is a special breed of flower that blooms in the most peaceful location in the world, Peaceful Island, where peaceful and jolly creatures such as the Nikoniko Manatee and other gentle beasts call home.


The Peaceful Flower prefers tranquil environments and wilts when menacing creatures are near. The number of petals that wilt are in direct proportion to the creature's Capture Level. The Peaceful Flower contains six petals total and it takes a Capture Level of ten to make one petal wilt. If half petal fall the capture level of the best is 5. A Peaceful Flower is an indispensable item for any beginning Gourmet Hunter.


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