Mushroom  Peach Lemon  Sushi
A Peach Lemon next to Vanilla Garlic
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Type Fruit
Capture Level 17 (in the wild)
Location Unknown (available at Hotel Gourmet)

Juice (Gourmet Town's three-star vending machines)

Price 100,000 yen per 350ml can (as drink)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 96
Episode 39
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The Peach Lemon is a unique breed of lemon which unlike others of its breed, is not sour at all and possesses the tangy mellow taste of sweet peach with lemon. It can be used as a soup stock ingredient. It was one of the many ingredients used by Komatsu when he was recreating the Century Soup, although it is not known if this ingredient made it into the final version of the soup.

100% Fresh-Squeezed Peach Lemon JuiceEdit

A soft drink in the three-star vending machines in Gourmet Town. The Peach Lemon has a lemon rind but a peachy interior! Its sweetness has a hint of sourness, which gives it a curious flavor. It's also very popular as an ingredient in alcoholic liqueurs.


  • The Peach Lemon is most likely based on Peach Lemonade.

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