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Japanese 桃イモ
Romanized Momo imo
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Type Vegetable
Capture Level 2 (in the wild)
Location Fields (can also be artificially cultivated)
Height 10-20cm
Weight 700-900g
Price 1,500 yen per potato
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 67
Anime Episode 24
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The Peach Potato (桃イモ Momo imo) is an amazing ingredient well known for its difficult and arduous special preparation. This food requires such skill and time to prepare that there are whole organizations of chefs devoted to preparing Peach Potatoes.


Cooking MethodEdit

This tuber must be submerged in salt water kept at 4 degree Celsius for one year after it's been peeled to get the slime off. Even a degree change by 0.1 degree Celsius or a slight fluctuation in the salt content of the water will ruin the flavor, so a chef must monitor their Peach Potatoes vigilantly.


Century Soup ArcEdit

Setsuno kept many Peach Potatoes in the underground kitchen beneath her dining hall. Upon seeing them, Komatsu quickly recognized this amazing ingredient while noting the difficulty of preparing it.


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