Ingot Perfect Beauty Marble Ore
Perfect Beauty Marble Furniture Eps 10
Ingot Name Ore
English Perfect Beauty Marble
Aliases Marble King
Ingot Statistics Ore
Type Rock
Capture Level 27
Usages Furniture;
Location Rock Drum
Ingot Debut Appearance Ore
Manga Chapter 32
Anime Episode 10
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The Perfect Beauty Marble is a high-quality marble that can only be made from the shell of a Rock Drum. The super-hard protein skin of the Rock Drum contains "beautiful" calcium carbonate, making it the hardest and most beautiful marble in the world.


In its raw form, Perfect Beauty Marble looks like an ordinary beige or white-colored rock with a rough and dirty-looking exterior. Once refined however, its true beauty becomes visible, having a smooth and crystal-like outer surface with numerous lustrous swirls and veins and a shining exterior befitting the high-quality marble that it is.


It can be used to make the highest quality marble furniture, fine china and ornaments and it is prized by high class socialites. Sunny of the Four Heavenly Kings has a special affinity for this marble.

Perfect Beauty Marble can be made into top-class rare crystal materials perfect for making a giant crystal chandelier or a Bohemia glass vase with space coloring flowers perfect for decoration. The marble can also made into modest glistening ornaments of high-class tableware. But the most beautiful of all, the Marble King, a Perfect Beauty Marble table with a lustrous and brilliant surface and intricate detail.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

After encountering some Rock Drums in the Black Carpet, Toriko was able to convince Sunny to fight them after reminding him that their shells were made of Perfect Beauty Marble, which motivated Sunny to fight. After defeating some, Sunny began to make plans for the marble shells and began to form ideas on what to make out of them.


Perfect Beauty Marble Eps 10
The unrefined Perfect Beauty Marble shell of a Rock Drum
Unrefined Perfect Beauty Marble (manga)
All craftable pieces of Beauty Marble furniture in the manga

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