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Picnic Bomber
Picnic Bomber.png
Japanese ピクニックボンバー
Romanized Pikunikkubonbā
Race Food Spirit (currently possessing a living body)
Status Revived
Professional Status
Affiliation Tower of Coral,
Five 10-Shell Cooks
Occupation Chef icon.png Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 329
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Picnic Bomber (ピクニックボンバー Pikunikkubonbā) is one of the Five 10-Shell Cooks of Blue Grill and manager of Tower of Coral.


Bomber is a four-armed humanoid like many of the inhabitants of Blue Grill. He wears an elaborate chef's outfit with dark colors, as well as a dark-colored apron, dark-colored boots and a chef's hat with a flame-like design. Like his fellow Cooks, he wears an elaborate mask seemingly styled after a kabuki actor.

Picnic's color scheme.png
Picnic's color scheme.
Picnic from Gourmet 342.png
The face of Picnic Bomber's host


Bomber is quite smug and overconfident, viewing his own skills highly while looking down on others without even knowing them. His overconfidence is essentially his greatest flaw as it makes him a poor judge of character and situations, as shown when he underestimated the Human World chefs and the vitality of the Corgolem.



He appears to be friends with his fellow Cook Asarudy, as the two were seen casually hanging out while monitoring the other chefs, and both seem to share the same sense of superiority.

10-Shell Five[]

It is unknown if he is also on good terms with the other Cooks, but he views their skills as highly as his own, showing that he respects the abilities of his comrades.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a member of the Five 10-Shell Cooks, Bomber possesses extraordinary cooking skills likely rivaling those of the Top 100 Chefs in the Human World. Due to his age, he has thousands of years of experience in cooking. Like the other Five 10-Shell Cooks, he can hear the voices of Food Spirits. Being a Food Spirit himself, Bomber cannot normally be seen or interacted with by the living and vice versa. He is also capable of possessing the bodies of weaker beings and making them his own, something which he has been doing for over 3000 years.

Gourmet Cells[]

Picnic Bomber was born with Gourmet Cells since he is a descendant of those humans captured by the Nitro and injected with Gourmet Cells,[1] and like the other citizens of Blue Grill, his Appetite Demon is Don Slime, until the demon is resurrected in Asarudy.[2]

Of Acacia's Full Course, he has eaten AIR,[3] ANOTHER and NEWS,[4] and EARTH.[5]


  • Dicing Cut (さいの目切り Sainomekiri): A technique in which powerful blades of air are made from one's knife which can travel a long distance and dice foes into small cubes.[6]


Bomber carries eight knives on his person, with six on his back and two on his left side, and he is presumably very skilled with them, although whether he uses them for combat, cooking, or both remains uncertain.



Picnic Bomber and fellow Cook, Asarudy become aware of the arrival of the Human World chefs into Blue Grill, but believe that they would not be strong enough to survive in the World of Souls.[7] However after witnessing Chiyo instantly kill a fragment of the Corgolem, they apparently informed their fellow Cooks and decided to challenge the Human World chefs directly, and have Mari set up a match between them in Grill Stadium to see if they are truly as skilled as they claim and if they could survive in the Back Channel.[8] Picnic Bomber won the match against Wabutora.[9]

The remaining Ten-Shell Five expand Yun's Back Channel as the group travels to pick up the Four Heavenly Kings and Acacia's Full Course. Because of the exhaustion from maintaining the Back Channel, they are fed some of EARTH, a source of great energy and nutrients. After the group secures ATOM, the Ten-Shell Five and Chinchin and Chiyo take a majority of the Full Course items and travel to the Human World.[5]


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