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Pippi portrait.png
Japanese ぴぴ
Romanized Pipi
English Pippi
Aliases Genius Bread Artisan
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday April 20th
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Pippi
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 212
Anime Episode 126
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Pippi (ぴぴ Pipi), known as the Genius Bread Artisan (天才パン職人 Tensai Pan Shokunin), is the world-renowned bread artisan. It has been said that her bread is so popular and delicious that those who make reservations at her bakery must go through a 7-year-long wait due to the staggering amount of requests and customers she receives from all over the world. Because of this phenomenal skill in bread making she has gained the rank of number 8 on the IGO Chef Ranking, making her the 8th best chef in the world.



Pippi is a young, pale-skinned girl with a round face, large bright eyes, and no visible nose. She has ginger hair which she keeps tied into two pigtails. She wears a brown shirt and a large white apron over her dress which has a logo resembling a "P" made out of bread, and on her head she wears a large cap with a pendant in the middle resembling her "P" logo. She also has two distinguishing pink markings on her cheeks which resemble bread buns.


Not much is known about her, though she appears to have a very cheerful appearance.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a master bread artisan and the greatest baker in the world, Pippi is an individual of tremendous skill whose bread knows no equal and is considered a true genius artisan because of her work. Her talent is so great that she was inducted into the top 10 of the IGO Chef Ranking.[1]


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Angel Yeast: Hidden Room ("エンジェル酵母" 隠れみの部屋 "Enjeru Kōbo" Kakuremino Heya): Pippi brings her hands before her chest, with the palms facing each other, and then spreads her arms. A small house made out of yeast materializes. Its primary characteristic is that it cannot be seen from the outside, thus enabling it to conceal perfectly several people.[2]


Cooking Festival Arc[]

Pippi participates in the 50th Cooking Festival's chef tournament along with the other top 100 chefs, where she is given a grand introduction by the MC and an even grander applause upon entering the stage.[3]

Despite her great skill and high standing within the chef ranking, she is unable to get past the preliminary rounds and ends up not reaching the Championship Tournament.[4]

Pippi creates a shelter for the chefs.

Later on, after the Gourmet Corp. invades Cooking Fest to kidnap its chefs, Pippi and several other chefs are caught amidst the battle between the IGO and the Gourmet Corp. To avoid getting captured, she generates an invisible shelter for Anyo Jr., Gen-chan, Sumire, Ahn, and herself to hide in. Together with the others, she is surprised to hear Appolo's intention of siding with NEO, though they do not know what he is talking about. They proceed to enter the house, concealed by Ahn's smokescreen.[5] Pippi and Sumire (and likely Anyo, Ahn, and Gen-chan as well) are not captured.[6]

Billion Bird Arc[]

When the Four Heavenly Kings are successful in reviving the ultimate domestic fowl, the Billion Bird, which then produces countless offspring, they are able to distribute the birds to all the restaurants in the world where the many chefs (including Pippi) proceed to prepare them into edible meals that would be enjoyed by all, and each chef is able to prepare the Billion Bird in a way that suits their own cooking styles thanks to the bird's wide variety of uses. Pippi appears to have even figured out how to make a bread substitute out of the Billion Bird.[7]

AIR Arc[]

She is one of the many people who goes to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World, and she and her fellow chefs promise to cook all the ingredients that they are sent.[8]




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