Pochiko GM
Japanese ポチコ
Romanized Pochiko
Race Vampire Kong
Gender Female Female
Birthday August 5th
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Melk the First
Melk the Second
Occupation Melk's pet and Delivery animal
Personal Status
Relatives Melk the First (master)

Melk the Second (owner)

Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 118
Anime Debut Episode 54
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Pochiko is a Vampire Kong belonging to Melk the First and Second, who acts as their delivery animal in charge of delivering knives to and from customers and as Melk the Second's guardian.


She is very protective of Melk the Second and will attack any intruder she sees near their home, however she is also good with people that are acquaintances of Melk. She is a very loyal beast and ever since her master, Melk the First left to Heavy Hole she has waited atop her nest everyday for his return.

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  • The first part of her name, "Pochi" is actually a commonly given name to dogs in Japan, while "ko" is a suffix usually used at the end of female names.
  • Her way of waiting for Melk the First is a tribute for the real mascot Hachiko.

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