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Poison Potato
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese ポイズンポテト
Romanized Poizunpoteto
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type vegetable
Capture Level 73
Location 30 meters underground
Height 30cm
Weight 5kg
Price 150,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 166
Anime Episode 92
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The Poison Potato (ポイズンポテト Poizunpoteto) is one of the many ingredients used in the game of Food Concentration. It is an incredibly toxic tater that is supposed to be twenty times more poisonous than the Puffer Whale. It's a big miss card in Food Concentration since it is extremely difficult to detoxify it especially in the 10 minute time limit.



Poison Potato poison compared to Puffer Whales

The Poison Potato's deadly poison compared to the poison of a Puffer Whale.

Like other Tubers, the poison potato contains a poison called solanine but the poison potatoes have a stronger version of it called Neosolanine which is 40,000 times more potent than regular solanine and even 0.01 mg of this poison is considered a lethal dose. The only way to eat it is by cooking the potatoes to change the poison properties of it by making the poison weaker. However this also ruins the flavor of the potato which is why it is not considered a viable cooking method. The difficulty of detoxifying the spud is made even harder due to the unique attributes of neosolanine which causes it to change its shape and nature over the slightest heat and irritation.

Even if mostly detoxified, the weakened neosolanin has allergic reactions with the strong alcohol of the Summer Whiskey, the antigens of shellfish like the Gold Shrimp, and the toxin of the Electric Banana.

As FoodEdit


A cooked and mostly detoxified Poison Potato.

It is a super specially prepared ingredient that is so difficult to prepare that not even Setsuno can completely detoxify it and, according to Livebearer, the only living chef that knows how to do it is the Dark Chef Joie. It is so toxic that even Coco who has over 500 antibodies inside of him stated that he is unable to eat it himself. Despite this, Livebearer claims to be able to eat it due to his unique "modifications". The potato when cooked and detoxified gains a lighter color and looks more like a natural spud, however if it is not completely detoxified, it will still retains several purple blemishes.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

When Coco and Livebearer where nearing the end of their Food Concentration match, the Poison Potato finally came into play and Livebearer thought he could eat it by using his implants to cut down his sense of pain and coating his digestive organs with a biodegradable plastic to keep his body from absorbing the poison; however, Coco had taken everything into consideration. First, Livebearer had eaten Gold Shrimp (full of antigens), Summer Whiskey (full of alcohol), and Electric Banana (itself toxic); combined, these make even a mildly toxic Poison Potato dangerous to eat. Furthermore, he had eaten Nappa Cheese Cabbage to help deal with the Summer Whiskey; the microbes in it that help break down the alcohol also break down biodegradable plastic. Livebearer had been cornered and stripped of his defenses, and he was forced to forfeit the game. In the end, Komatsu cooked it as best as he could, and Toriko eventually ate it; to everyone's surprise, Toriko turned out to be compatible with the Potato; his evolved Gourmet Cells negated the poison, allowing him to actually gain strength from it.



  • Poison Potato Created by Saitama Prefecture Shun Ohgawara.

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