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Poison Scorpion
A roasted Poison Scorpion served to G7.
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Type Chelicerate
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Poison-Poison Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 131
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The Poison Scorpion is a species of insect beast and a special preparation ingredient whose poison is said that it’s very hard to remove from. Since this beast has poison, it has no predators which makes its body get developed well and become delicious.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

At some point of the Entire Cooking Island event, Tylan and Coco captured some Poison Scorpions at Poison-Poison Island and the aforementioned chef cooked and served them to the Gourmet Seven.

G7 eating Poison Scorpion

G7 about to eat Poison Scorpion

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