Poison Tide
Poison Tide
Japanese 毒潮
Romanized Dokushio
English Poison Tide
Location Amid the oceans of Human World and Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 42
Anime Episode 13
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The Poison Tide (毒潮 Dokushio) is a deadly ocean current that surrounds most of the entirety of the eastern Human World and keeps it separated from the Gourmet World, effectively protecting it from the powerful beasts that reside there. It is made up of pure poison that can kill anything that swims in its hazardous waters or breathes in the poisonous fumes that rise up from its surface. Because of this it is considered an ocean of death.[1]



The Poison Tide seen from an unknown coast.

It is a unique current that exists on the borderline between the Human World and Gourmet World oceans, effectively separating the two from direct contact and making travel into Gourmet World from the Human World by sea impossible due to the sheer deadliness of the poison.[2]

The only known way to enter the Poison Tide is by using a "Giant Type" GT Robo, as demonstrated by the Gourmet Corp. member Gido who managed to operate a giant GT Robo to swim through the Poison Tide.[1] Because the tide effectively cuts off the Human World from the Gourmet World, the only way to pass through it is by taking one of the three "Land Routes" into Gourmet World, which are the Three Way Road (a stone bridge within the Wak Continent high above the Poison Tide), the Waterfall Basin of Life (a huge cliff side past the tides located on Zabel Island), and the Harbor of Evil Spirits (a harbor of endless mist and dangerous oceans located on Yutou Island's entrance which is itself within the Poison Tide).

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • The final episode of the anime (which greatly diverts from the canon of the manga) shows Coco entering Gourmet World through the Poison Tide.


Gido GT Robo swimming in Poison Tide
Gido swimming in the Poison Tide
Gido GT Robo swimming in Poison
Gido swimming (up-close)
The Poison Tide in the manga
Gido swimming in Poison Tide
Gido swimming in the Poison Tide (manga)


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