Pot Mountain
Japanese 鍋山 (なべやま)
Romanized Nabe Yama
English Pot Mountain
Location Area 7
Affiliation Magma Consomme
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 299
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Pot Mountain (鍋山 (なべやま) Nabe Yama) is one of the many mountains located within the northern section of the "Mountain Continent" Area 7.


Located on the northern section of Area 7, the Pot Mountain is within the territory of the Enbu Master Gorilla Taurus and the foundations of the mountain, once clean, is now riddled with the bodies of monkeys who committed suicide under Gorilla Taurus' demands.

Magma Consomme CalderaEdit

This active volcano has a unique bowl-shaped caldera and within its interior is the legendary and high-class phantasmal soup from "Knocking Master" Jiro and "National Treasure" Setsuno's Full Course Menu, the "Magma Consomme". Pot Mountain is the only known location where Magma Consomme can be acquired. Jiro likely comes here often to collect soup for himself and the Setsuno Dining Hall.

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