Pot Pond
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Japanese 鍋池
Romanized Nabeike
Location Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 174
Anime Episode 100
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Pot Pond (鍋池) is the habitat of the Madam Fish and nominated to be a part of the "Gourmet World heritage".


The Pot Pond is a huge pond with an area of 300 square kilometers, with the pond having a complex shape. The pond has a depth of 300 meters, with 25 cubic kilometers volume of water and 15 meter degree of transparency. Due to the stock Wakame Snake and the Conbu Snake that live in the bottom of the lake, caused the pond to become a natural soup stock, which made the whole lake look like a pot of top-quality soup. Even though the Pot Pond seems calm, it's inhabited by a lot of dangerous beasts that made the Pot Pond became a triple A danger zone.

The pond can't be frozen over under normal circumstances, due that the water (stock) is warm and would need a lot of cold to freeze it.


Even though being a lake, Toriko stated that the Pot Pond has delicious taste of soup stock, even when it's frozen.


Frozen Pot Pond

Frozen Pot Pond

The Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu and Rin visited the Pot Pond after it was frozen by Nono, on president Ichiryu's request. Toriko came there to capture the Madam Fish to collect the compenents for the Ehou Maki. After having hard time searching it, Komatsu with his "Food luck", found the Madam Fish. After fishing the Madam Fish out of the lake, they decided to eat it, but left some pieces for the Ehou Maki.

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  • The pot pond's area of 300 square kilometers is half the size of Lake Biwa.

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