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Protection Tree
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Japanese 営林の種
Romanized Eirin no Tane
English Protection Tree
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Type Plant
Location Property of Teppei (details unknown)
Height 3cm (seed)
Weight 100g (seed)
Price 9,500,000 yen per seed
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 88
Anime Episode 34
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The Protection Tree (営林の種 Eirin no Tane) is a tree that grows at incredible speed. When planted its seeds will rapidly grow and form around whatever it grows near, an ability utilized by Saiseiya such as Teppei for preventing damage caused by falling objects. The Protection Tree’s leaves also contain a cardio stimulant, which can be used to restart a human heart. One is used by Teppei to prevent the Gourmet Shop Window from collapsing. Another is used by Teppei to prevent buildings from collapsing due to damage caused by the the Four Beast.

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