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Pudding Mountain
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Japanese プリン山
Romanized Purin-Zan
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Type Sweets
Capture Level 20
Location Sweets Land
Height 5000m
Weight 150 000t
Price 1 cup (150g) / 2,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 165
Anime Episode 91
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Pudding Mountain (プリン山 Purin-Zan) is one of the many ingredients used in the game of Food Concentration. It's a rare high-class ingredient resembling a humongous dish of crème caramel. Due to its immense size (ranging from a small hill to an actual mountain) and high sugar content, it's considered extremely difficult to consume in a single sitting. When Coco drew a hit with it, Toriko was not deterred by the giant ingredient and began to eat, inhaling it bits at a time. Komatsu then came up with the idea of using Mineral Japanese Leek sauce to help control Toriko's blood sugar level, making it safer and easier to digest within the time limit. With additional flavorings made from Almond Cabbage and Banana Cucumber for variety, Toriko finished the giant ingredient in only 30 minutes, and he found it to be quite delicious.

Its Gourmet Tasting Card is worth a considerable 150 points and is represented by the No. 23 and 44 in the level V deck used by Livebearer against Toriko's group.

A very large Pudding mountain is also seen on Hungry-la Island where the Amatano Fruit is situated.


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