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RiceBall  Pudding Pig  Manga meat
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Type Mammal
Capture Level Unknown
Diet Grass
Habitat Large grassy fields
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 263
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Pudding Pigs are large pigs which, as their name suggests, resemble sweet pudding.


It is a very large breed of dark-skinned pig with a large humped back which resembles a glazed pudding cup. They have very small beady eyes and large floppy ears and their skin glistens like pudding.


They live together in large groups and seem to feed off of grass.

As FoodEdit

Its flesh is said to be moist and sweet like pudding. When eaten, caramel juices ooze out of its succulent and sweet meat.


  • This creature is notable for being the very last beast seen at the end of the Human World Act.

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