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Puffer Whale Arc
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Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Puffer Whale Arc
Chapters: Chapter 8 - Chapter 18
Episodes: Episode 4 - Episode 6
Description: Toriko and Komatsu set out to capture a Puffer Whale, but this daring quest to satisfy their exotic appetites may be the death of them both! Lucky for them, King Coco is along for the ride!
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Rainbow Fruit Arc
Followed by: Regal Mammoth Arc

The Puffer Whale Arc is the third arc in the series.


Heavenly King Coco[]

Toriko and Komatsu are traveling by train to a city where a person who can prepare the Puffer Whale resides. Toriko buys out all the alcohol in the train and drinks. He says to Komatsu that he's happy about being able to meet the legendary fish. Komatsu explains that the Puffer Whale is a rare ingredient which only shows itself in shallow waters once in every ten years. Toriko asks if he was more interested in the person who prepares it than eating it. Komatsu says that he wants to check out the cooking skills of the person who can prepare it as removing its poisonous parts are difficult. Toriko says that only ten people in the world are capable of preparing the Puffer Whale. A Gourmet Hunter dressed in a hunter's clothes confronts Toriko who had bought all the alcohol in the train. He demands alcohol from them and introduces himself as Zongeh. One of his followers shows a page which contains Zongeh's lifetime Full Course Menu which is Golden Salmon Roe for Hors d'Oeuvre, Snake Toad Liver for Soup, Striped Salmon for Fish Dish, Crab Pig for Meat Dish, Almond Cabbage for Salad, White Apple for Dessert, Energy Hennessy for Drink and Baby Garara Gator for Main Dish. Komatsu comments that they were every day ingredients. Toriko stands up and offers alcohol to Zongeh who sense's Toriko power and quietly takes away alcohol. Toriko explains that the whole train was filled with Gourmet Hunters who were aiming for the Puffer Whale and since they may need their help, its good to look out for each other. Then an old man comes to them and asks for some alcohol. Toriko and Komatsu give away some alcohol and the old man thanks them and says that he will repay his debt to them someday. Toriko and Komatsu alight at a station. There weren't any people walking in the city. Toriko says that fortune tellers have predicted that wild beasts will roam in the city freely so people are in their homes. Komatsu understands the talent of the fortune tellers living there as they were also the people who predicted the appearance of the Puffer Whale. Just then a wild beast Kuendon having a Capture Level of 10 appears. Komatsu gets instantly terrified. He sees a person walking towards them. The person is not attacked by the beast as he walked towards Toriko and Komatsu. Komatsu is amazed by the person's feat. Toriko introduces the person as one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco. Coco takes them to an isolated spot where he says his home is located. A huge crow comes flying to them. Coco introduces it as an Emperor Crow, Kiss. Toriko asks Coco about what happened to Zebra. Coco says that they have captured him and put him in the Gourmet Prison. Then in a place faraway, two mysterious people are discussing about the current affairs. Back at Coco's home, he says that Rainbow Fruit was a good choice for dessert though he saw it in his premonition. Toriko asks Coco about his lifetime Full Course Menu to which he says Lee Dragon's Tears for Soup, Breo Swordfish for Fish Dish, G2 Phoenix for Meat Dish, Neo Tomato for Salad, Domlom Fruit for Dessert. He adds that he wants to out nutrition balance to his Full Course and hasn't decided on his Drink, Hors d'Oeuvre and Main Dish. He then says that he already knows that they came with a request to capture the Puffer Whale. and its a tough job as its poison is very deadly. Komatsu says that if its poison sack is punctured then it becomes unsuitable for consumption and that's why its hard to prepare. Toriko says that it must taste really good if its hard to prepare. Coco says that his chances of preparing a Puffer Whale is 10%. Toriko says that was good enough  as he can never do it. Coco says that the problem was that the Puffer Whale lays eggs at a depth of 800 meters deep in a beast filled cave but the most dangerous beast is the Devil Snake, a beast straight from the hell. He then says that the ancient Battle Wolf's and its ferocity are on par with each other. Toriko laughs and asks if he can see the shadow of death on them. Coco then agrees to help Toriko on his quest. Coco grows concerned upon seeing the shadow of death on Komatsu..





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