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Japanese パープル・ホーン
Romanized Pāpuru Hōn
English Purple Horn
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 7
Length 8.5m
Height 8m
Weight 4t
Price Meat is not fit for consumption, but each horn goes for 800,000 yen
Habitat White Forest (1st Biotope)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 35
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The Purple Horn (パープル・ホーン Pāpuru Hōn) is a centaur-like mammal beast with a very irritable disposition. They are one of the many creatures bred at the 1st Biotope.


The Purple Horn is a very large quadrupedal mammal beast standing at 8 meters in height, 8.5 meters in length and weighing at least 4 tons. They are centaur-like creatures in appearance, having a furry four legged lower body with cloven hooves and a long tail with dark hair growing at the tip. Their muscular upper bodies are vaguely humanoid, with two muscular arms with four fingers, and their upped body unlike their lower half is mostly hairless, with hair only on their wrists, face and head. Their faces somewhat resemble that of a demonic-looking satyr, having long ears, somewhat goat-like facial features, mohawk-like hair, a slightly long beard, eyes with black sclera and light-colored pupils, all of which gives it a very fierce expression. Its most notable trait though is the lustrous and sharp horns on its head that have an alluring shine and beauty like a well crafted ornament, making it a very sought out commodity.


Purple Horns are belligerent and savage beasts that are prone to violent outbursts if properly stimulated. A Purple Horn will rampage if it loses its prized horns, destroying everything in its path until its rage subsides. The mainly live in forest and plain regions and don't seem to mind living alongside other creatures, or will at least briefly work alongside them to take down a strong opponent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While it only has a Capture Level of 7 and can be easily scared off with an Intimidation from a strong opponent, it has an inner strength and daring that will only reveal itself when it is truly enraged, such as when its precious horns are taken and it goes into rampage. While on a rampage, this creature is intimidating enough to send even creatures with Capture Levels higher than its own running for the hills.


The meat of the Purple Horn is not fit at all for human consumption and thus holds no value as food. However the prized and beautiful horns on its head are highly valued in the Human World and can fetch a prize of over 800,000 yen.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

When Toriko and Rin are lost in the White Forest on the 1st Biotope, they are ambushed by a large herd of beasts, which includes a Purple Horn alongside a Zebra Kong and a Devil Crocodile. They are able to avoid fighting them though thanks to Rin using her Battle Fragrance on Toriko, enhancing the power of his intimidation greatly and thus scaring them into fleeing.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

When the Four Heavenly Kings were searching for the final ingredient in Ichiryu's Full Course Menu at the 1st Biotope, Toriko used his heightened sense of smell to trace all the beings that were ever present within the 1st Biotope in order to find Ichiryu's old scent and follow it to the ingredient's location. Among the countless scents he picked up, he also detected the scent of a Purple Horn which had passed by recently. It is unknown if Purple Horns survived the onslaught of the Meteor Spice that destroyed most of the Human World's resources, as it is never stated when it left its scent in that area.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The Purple Horn, along with the Zebra Kong and Devil Crocodile were omitted from the anime's adaptation of the Regal Mammoth Arc.


  • Purple Horn Created by Kanagawa Prefecture.

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