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Japanese クイン
Romanized Kuin
Aliases Queen
Race Mother Snake
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday 8th August
Age 1-2 (Pre-Timeskip)

3-4 (Post-Timeskip)

Height 5m, Length = 25km (Pre-Time Skip)
50km (Post-Time Skip)
Weight 50,000t (Pre-Time Skip)
65,000t (Post-Time Skip)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Sunny
Occupation Animal Partner
Partner Sunny
Personal Status
Relatives Sunny
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 148
Anime Debut Episode 75
Japanese Voice N/A
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Quinn is a Mother Snake and Sunny's animal partner. She is a juvenile Mother Snake who was tamed by Sunny during a trip to the Gourmet World.


She is a giant juvenile Mother Snake with magenta scales and a pink underbelly and face. Sunny describes her as having unmatched beauty and that her scales glisten with equal majesty.

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Unlike Terry, Quinn is not picky about what she eats as shown when she ate a Hipposhark. And she also seems to be friendly, being tamed within the Gourmet World by Sunny (a weak human at the time), and taken to the Human World without many struggles, and also showing great loyalty and respect for her master during their time together.

Powers and Abilities[]

Quinn's speed.

Because of her incredible length, Quinn can stretch out and move at great speeds of 400 km/h, bounding great distances in mere seconds. She also has the ability to manipulate the form of her scales, such as positioning one in the shape of a chair or handle for Toriko and Komatsu to ride on. She can also unhinge her already large mouth to an incredible size, allowing her to eat creatures of incredible girth.

Quinn eating a Hipposhark.

She is also shown to posses great endurance and durability as she was able to tie up a King Octopus Kong effortlessly despite the creature having been shown to posses monstrous strength and it was completely unable to break away from her binding body. During the battle with the Four Beast, her speed and stamina are truly shown to their fullest as she traveled from the edges of the Human World to its center in a near instant and was able to move at equal speeds as Terry (however both their speeds still pale in comparison to that of the Dharma Horse). She can also emanate pheromones to warn Sunny of imminent danger, even if they are very distant from each other and the way is obstructed. She also has a fast digestion system as she digest the Hipposhark in a short time.

Quinn's greatest feat of endurance and strength however was during her fight with the Four Beast, a creature with a capture level of 350+. Quinn was able to cut the creature's leg off only by constricting it and was able to resist the creature's attempt at tearing her apart, although she still suffered severe wounds from the battle.


Shining Gourami Arc[]

Quinn meets Toriko and Komatsu.

Quinn first showed herself to Toriko and Komatsu at Sunny's treehouse, where Sunny revealed that he met and tamed her during his time training at the Three Way Road and he admitted to have been enamored by the beauty of her glistening scales. Sunny then told the two get atop Quinn as she would be taking them to their next hunting destination, Death Falls where the Shining Gouramis reside. Quinn proved to be a strong and incredibly agile creature, having made it to the Mors Mountain Range (the location of Death Falls) in little time. She also got a chance to nibble on a Mors Frog on the way there. When they arrived to crystal clear lake of mountains, the group had a small meal of Snow White Sweet Fish atop Quinn's head who was quite content with her master's presence.

Once they arrived to Death Falls, the group witnessed a gigantic Regal Mammoth-sized dinosaur get crushed by the pressure of the falls (in the anime they witnessed a battle between a Mountainsaurus and an Elephant Kong which were then crushed by the falls). After the spectacle, the group moved closer to the falls to find entry into the gourami's nest which lay behind the falls. Just then, a large Hipposhark appeared and attacked Quinn, however it proved no match for the snake who instantly devoured the portly beast.

After a successful hunt, the group enjoys a meal atop Quinn.

The group then left Quinn behind as they headed in deeper into the falls and Quinn watched on as Sunny and Toriko broke through the mighty falls and a giant chunk of mountain that was falling from it with their powerful abilities. When the trio was able to reach the other side, they managed to acquire the Shining Gourami, however they were trapped behind the falls due a rock slide caused by Toriko and Sunny's combined attack on the massive mountain. Luckily, Quinn's flexible body was able to fit through the openings in the rocks and reach the trio on the other side, they then jumped in her mouth and proceeded to escape. Once outside, the group moved to a safe location where Quinn stretched out her body skyward so they could have a view of the entire mountain range. Komatsu then prepared the Shining Gourami atop Quinn's head and all of them enjoyed the delicious fried fish.

Autumn Break Arc (Filler)[]

Quinn, Terry and Kiss happily eating Supears.

Quinn accompanied Sunny to his hunting trip into Autumn Mountain where they would be joining Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Terry Cloth, Yun and Kiss in their search for the Supear. The group explored the region in a competition to see who could find it first, but were ambushed by Mutton Boars who proceeded to take Komatsu away. The group then sped off after the two beasts and chased them up the tallest mountain in the area, with Terry scaling it, Kiss flying up it, and Quinn naturally stretching herself to a length as high as the mountain. Once they reached the top, they went to save Komatsu but stopped when they realized the boars where only attacking them due to malnourishment and only wanted the food in Komatsu's bag to feed it to their young. They then spared the boars and gave them the food they had. They then discovered that the clouds at the exact top of the mountain kept concealed a tree and upon moving the clouds, sunlight struck the tree revealing the elusive Supears which were only visible in sunlight. The group then plucked the Supears from the tree and shared them with Quinn, Terry, Kiss, Yun and the boars.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Sunny and Quinn head out.

Quinn was brought by Sunny to the 1st Biotope when they were called in by Mansam to help in the Christmas food delivery to starving nations. Once all the packages were set, Sunny and Quinn sped off to their destination to deliver their treats. In the anime, it is shown that upon arriving, Sunny changed his hair into the shape of a Christmas tree for the children while Quinn stared on happily. They then witnessed the fall of the delicious Flavor Snow.

Four Beast Arc[]

Once the Four Beasts arrived in the Human World, Sunny went off on Quinn's head to the destination of one of the beasts, the King Octopus Kong. The beast proved to be a deadly and powerful foe against Sunny and Quinn's binding and constricting attacks due to its sheer strength and many tentacles. Luckily Quinn was able to constrict its legs while Sunny used his feelers to control the beast's nervous system, giving him enough time to defeat it with a powerful Fry Gaeshi he had been preparing.

Quinn then took Sunny to Food Park Plaza when they found out the true Four Beast had appeared, and Quinn left Sunny there along with the other Kings for their fight. Later on, when the beast proves too strong and the only way to defeat it is for the Kings to use a combination attack that requires a lengthy concentration time, Quinn, Terry and Kiss intervene to distract the Four Beast in battle while the Kings focus. The Four Beast however recognizes the three animals as descendants of powerful creatures and shows no mercy in defeating them, despite them being weaker than it. Luckily before it can kill them, the Kings unleash their combined Appetite Energy and kill it once and for all. The defeated Quinn, Terry and Kiss then awaken and go to their human partners and then enjoyed the peace and food provided after the Four Beast's defeat.

Cooking Fest Arc[]

Quinn was first show traveling along with Terry, and Kiss to alert Jiro of the Hammer Tusk's escape, luckily Jiro was able to subdue and tame it with ease and then took the three animals and the Hammer Tusk with him to Cooking Island to help out in the battle between the IGO and the Gourmet Corp.. Later on, Quinn, Jiro, Terry and Kiss are shown arriving at Cooking Stadium to help out, but by then its too as the battle is almost over due to NEO fleeing and the oncoming fall of the Meteor Spice.

Billion Bird Arc[]

AIR Arc[]

PAIR Arc[]


Terry Kiss Quinn from Gourmet 341


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