Rain Town
Japanese レインタウン
Romanized Reintaun
Location Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 110
Anime Episode 49
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Rain Town (レインタウン) is a town of unending rain, and one of Sunny's favorite locations. The town houses the Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio restaurant, a place of perfect eating ambiance.



A street in Rain Town.

It is a small settlement filled with many rural and old-looking stone buildings, and the streets are paved with stone, as well. A watermill is seen within the town, which is fitting, considering the town's abundant water supply. The endless rain also gives the town a constant humidity. The town's unique atmosphere and setting makes it a place of comfortable ambiance and harmony, and those who enjoy a harmonic meal will find no better place than Rain Town, as it truly brings out the harmony in dishes such as Kuriuni Pasta. The anime also shows an umbrella store within the town, and it stands to reason that the umbrella market is quite a profitable one in a town of unending rain. The anime also has the sound of church bells being played within the town.


The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Toriko and Sunny rendezvoused at Rain Town to talk about their recent training accomplishments and have a meal at Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio. There, Toriko asked Sunny about the entryways to Gourmet World and made his eagerness to enter it evident to Sunny, who only warned him about the dangers that awaited him should he proceed to enter it. After the meal, Toriko set off to prepare to enter Gourmet World through one of the paths suggested to him by Sunny, the Waterfall Basin of Life.


Rain Town's welcome sign
Rain Town in the manga
The Rain Town trading card

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