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Rainbow Fruit Arc
Fruit of rainbow arc
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Rainbow Fruit Arc
Chapters: Chapter 3 - Chapter 7
Episodes: Episode 3
Description: Toriko is commissioned by IGO to obtain the Rainbow Fruit, which is guarded by powerful Troll Kongs.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Galala Gator Arc
Followed by: Puffer Whale Arc

The Rainbow Fruit Arc is the second arc in the series.






In the Manga[]

Toriko wakes up inside of his house, entirely made of candy, and has his breakfast. As soon as he finishes eating, he goes to capture Shakrennodon (capture level: 4) to sell in cental Gourmet Wholesale Market of rare ingredients. After the scene shifts to Gourmet Whole Sale Market, Komatsu,Tom and Johaannes appear to greet him. Toriko arrives on the scene with his captured beast and agrees to sell it for a lower price for poorer customers. Johannes comes and presents Toriko with a job request for capturing Troll Kong, the strongest Gorilla that built a nest on the tree bearing Rainbow Fruit. The Rainbow Fruit is explained as the fruit that can keep one with his whole life happily. The IGO Development Agency, 8th research institute is their destination, where some employees of IGO stare in horror at a stuffed Troll Kong, musing whether or not Toriko could even stand a chance against it.

Toriko and Komatsu begin to travel to the Biotope, location of Gourmet animal and ingredient research, as well as the home of the extremely dangerous Troll Kong. Toriko, impatient and eager to enter the biotope, immediately punches through the wall using Nail Punch, astonishing Johannes, kabuto and two other guards. After Toriko enters through the biotope gate, he senses the presence of reptiles, and realizes that the Troll Kong has already begun its attack. A large amount of Zombie Taipans, an extremely venomous snake, fly through the air and land on Toriko, immediately biting him. Komatsu and the IGO guards are initially horrified, until Toriko is shown easily repelling the snakes and letting them go, explaining that, via the use of spreading the cigar smoke (heavy in acetic acid content) throughout his body, he was able to dislodge and scare off the taipans. After that Toriko and Komatsu head forward. Komatsu seems worried about the poison injected in Toriko by the taipans, but he assures Komatsu that he is alright. Later, as they head toward the location of the Rainbow Fruit, Toriko falls in the trap of a troll kong and it tries to attack Komatsu, but before it manages to attack Toriko paralyzes the Troll Kong via Knocking. As Komatsu appears to be in happy sight of taking out an blockade (Troll Kong) but anyway they were a group of Troll Kong apperared, which made Komatsu and Toriko in an deadly situation. By seeing an whole group of Troll Kong, Komatsu starts to cry while Toriko thinks that fight is unavoidable even if he intimidates due to large group of tribal Kongs. As to protect Komatsu, Toriko carries him on the back and hold him tight. It is shown that Troll king's have a greater advantage because they can stay at same position and attack (free movement attacks). Against the attack of Troll Kings, Toriko movements were truly gentle because if he moved as usual Komatsu wouldn't be able to grab properly on his back. Toriko uses knocking technique and reveals to Komatsu that knocking can make them unconsious but he would n't like to kill them because they have more muscles, which are not good enough to eat. Toriko starts on fight, but is unable to find Boss and later explained that boss of troll kong can detect danger, where he can also be from human society also. Komatsu who notices the boss due to lightning that struck tells Toriko and finally he convinces the Boss that he is no danger to them. Then finally without any problem he heads to tree bearing Fruit of Rainbow.

The management of Hotel Gourmet seems to be in busy work serving Toriko,which was not the situation when the area is filled with customers all around. The scene reveals around Toriko being eating a whole lot of dishes,while chefs being busy in making the supplies to Toriko. As whole management was surprised by Toriko eating so much and even more surprised when he says it only filled his stomach 10th of the part. Finally Komatsu brings an Fruit of Rainbow, which Toriko tastes the fruit n an tateful manner. Finally the chapter ends with Toriko's one course of meal completed.

In the Anime[]

Toriko is commissioned by the International Gourmet Organisation to obtain the Rainbow Fruit, which is guarded by powerful Troll Kongs. As he and Komatsu make their way into the enclosed Biotope, news reporter Tina sneaks in to try and get footage of Toriko in action. Toriko encounters a scout and knocks him out with a stun gun, since he doesn't kill what he doesn't intend to eat, though gets licked with its scent. Toriko soon encounters a group of Troll Kongs guarding the Rainbow Fruit tree. As Toriko gets into trouble, the rain washes off the scent from the underling, allowing him to use his intimidation against the others and gain dominance over its leader. Toriko takes a single fruit, though Tina is busted and her footage is confiscated. Moved by the ever-changing flavours of the Rainbow Fruit, served in a jelly by Komatsu, Toriko declares the Rainbow Fruit as the dessert for his full-course menu. Meanwhile, various shady figures become interested in Toriko's movements.

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