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Japanese 虹の実ワイン
Romanized Niji no Mi Wain
English Rainbow Fruit Wine
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Type Alcoholic Drink
Location Man-made
Price 7,000,000 yen per bottle (10 liters)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 101
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Rainbow Fruit Wine (虹の実ワイン Niji no Mi Wain) is a high-class alcoholic beverage made from the Rainbow Fruit, and like the Rainbow Fruit, the wine's flavor changes 7 times. The wine has an extremely high alcohol content that makes up 85% of it, and while it is described as going down smooth at first, weak drinkers are unable to handle it very well.


  • Rainbow Fruit Wine as shown on the back cover of Volume 12
  • Rainbow Fruit Wine (manga)

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