Japanese ララ
Romanized Rara
English Rala
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 15th
Status Alive
Height 190 cm
Weight 80 kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO,
Biotope 0
Occupation Astronomer,
Gourmet Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 193
Anime Episode 111
Japanese Kimura Masafumi
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Rala (ララ Rara), known as the Gourmet Astronomer (グルメ天文学者 Gurume Tenbungakusha), is a Gourmet Hunter with Biotope 0. He has done extensive research on the Gourmet Eclipse, enough to predict that it will appear in half a year at the earliest.


He has short black hair and a mustache. He wears a black suit with a tie and appears to have a monocle on his left eye.

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Since he is an astronomer, it can be assumed that he is an intelligent person.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rala is able to freely enter the Gourmet World, meaning that he can survive its harsh environment and fend off the powerful beasts that live there. As an astronomer, he knows a lot about the Gourmet Eclipse. He is also recognized as a Gourmet Hunter, showing that he is likely a powerful individual.

Food HonorEdit

Since Chin manages to call Rala by name without making any mistakes,[1] it can be assumed that he has mastered Food Honor.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

At a meeting of Biotope 0, Rala reveals that the Gourmet Solar Eclipse will occur in half a year, at the earliest. After the meeting, he informs Ichiryu that the Four Beast will soon awake and that the Human World will be in danger. Ichiryu tells him that the Four Heavenly Kings will fight them and asks him that he heard that the Gourmet Corp. are gathering chefs. He tells Ichiryu that if there is a war, the Gourmet Corp. will send some of their skilled chefs to attack the Human World and will most likely appear at the Cooking Festival.[2]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Rala, Love, and Tack reach Sector C, Stardust Road, to attain Acacia's Fish Dish, ANOTHER. Love expresses amazement at the beauty of the environment, but Rala notices there is something off about the stars. Kuromado then arrives with some tamed Nitro to kill them and to have them gazing at the Sanzu River.[3]


Sometime after their defeat at the hands of NEO and the Gourmet Corp., Warden Love, Tack, and Rala made their way to Blue Grill, but sometime after their arrival, Love and Rala were possessed by Food Spirits due to the "Soul Trade" within Blue Grill.[4]

After ANOTHER was prepared, Rala's soul returned to his body and he stayed in Blue Grill to see if Giant Shell could be used as a ship.[5]


  • Rala looks remarkably similar to Dudley from the Street Fighter videogame series, and his face resembles Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • His voice actor also voices Barrygamon.


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