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Japanese エイリアンコウ
Romanized Eiriankō
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Type Fish/Mixed
Capture Level 299
Length 5,000m
Weight 700,000,000t
Price 1kg/90,000yen
Habitat Oceans around Yutou Island
in both Gourmet World
and Human World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 273
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The Raliengler Fish (エイリアンコウ Eiriankō) is a gigantic fish beast from Gourmet World that is a hybrid species of a ray and angler fish.


The Raliengler Fish has the overall body of a manta ray, but with the angler of an angler fish on its head. It has numerous large spikes underneath its fins, bendable eyestalks with cross-shaped pupils, a vertical mouth filled with numerous sharp teeth and numerous tendril-like tails or stingers at its rear.
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It is a hostile creature that will prey on beasts weaker than it. It is native to the waters around Yutou Island's half in the Gourmet World, sometimes though it will be able to pass through the Poison Tide around Yutou Island and enter the waters of the Human World.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It can detect the presence of an Octomelon even if its protected by its Rest Room and being from Gourmet World, it is stronger than any creature in the Human World. The fact that it would come into the Human World despite it having less delicious food than the Gourmet World might indicated that it is a weak species within its habitat and was driven out. This is proven by how easily it was killed by the Thorn Sea.


AIR ArcEdit

As the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu made their way to Yutou Island on their Octomelon, they were suddenly ambushed by a Raliengler Fish which burst out of the sea below. Komatsu then scanned the creature with the Riddle Chapter and was shocked to discover that its capture level was 299 and was stronger than the Octomelon. It then quickly noticed their presence and made a lunge towards them, but before the Heavenly Kings could fight back, the Raliengler Fish was instantly killed by a powerful piercing wave which made the group realize that they were in the dreaded Thorn Sea.


Raliengler Fish submission

Raliengler Fish Submission

  • The Raliengler Fish was created by Takahashi Reima (高橋怜真) of Tochigi prefecture.

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