Japanese ラム
Romanized Ramu
English Ram
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday April 6th
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Match, Ryu, Shin, Louie, Toriko
Occupation Gourmet Yakuza Subordinate
Partner Match, Shin, Louie
Personal Status
Relatives None (orphan)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 68
Anime Episode 25
Japanese Oobayashi Youhei
English Brian Witkowicz
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Ram (ラム Ramu) is a member of the Gourmet Yakuza and one of Match's three followers, alongside Shin and Louie.


Ram is a muscular man with chestnut-brown hair fashioned into a buzz-cut. Like his comrades, he always wears sunglasses.



Louie, Ram and Shin.

Ram is a brave and noble individual who is very devoted to Match and his comrades Shin and Louie. He is also willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his boss and allies, showing that he is an extremely loyal individual. He is also shown to care very much about children and their well being and deplores the thought of them eating narcotic ingredients, and wishes to help as many as he can. His compassion for children even made him save a young boy from being hit by a train at the risk of his own life and then went off to seek medical help for him, showing that he is a kind and heroic individual of genuine compassion. His friendship with Shin and Louie is also expanded upon in the anime, showing that the three are nearly inseparable and believe that three heads are better than one.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ram does not possess any strong abilities but is well skilled in the use of an Ice Machine Gun. He also has a bit of endurance for an average human, being able to take numerous direct hits from Barrygamon and still attempting to fight back despite his serious and near-fatal wounds.


Century Soup ArcEdit

Ram along with Shin and Louie accompanied Match on his trip to Gourmet Town where they would take part in Colonel Mokkoi's request to retrieve the Century Soup, which they planned to give to the orphans of Nerg City. It was through this request that they met Toriko, Komatsu and Takimaru, and together they traveled through Ice Hell in order to acquire the Century Soup together. When they arrived at the Gourmet Show Window, Ram, Shin and Louie did their best to protect Match and were willing to put down their lives to give him enough time to defeat Barrygamon of the Gourmet Corp..

Despite the near fatal injuries they received, the mafia men were kep alive by the saiseiya Teppei, and after defeating the Gourmet Corp. members, the party left Ice Hell and headed to the city of Life where they received proper medical treatment from Yosaku.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

In a market in Jidar, he saves a young boy from being hit by an oncoming train (the same train which carried Coco, Toriko and Komatsu). Realizing that the boy is under the influence of the narcotic Electric Banana, he takes the boy away to have him treated.[1] In the anime, he also gave the boy a chocolate bar to help with his starvation.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

During the battle in Ice Hell, the anime censors much of the violence surrounding Ram, Shin and Louie, and when in Life, instead of being healed by Therapy Tulips they are healed by Pelican Flytraps. Also Ram does not lose his ear in the cold like he did in the manga.




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