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Japanese ランペイジ
Romanized Ranpeiji
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Type Demon
Capture Level 388
Height 70m
Weight 12,000t
Price 100g / 200 yen
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 247
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The Rampage (ランペイジ Ranpeiji) is a giant and somewhat humanoid beast with a fearsome and asymmetrical appearance.



Full view of a Rampage.

The Rampage is gigantic in size, easily dwarfing tall humans and making them look like bugs in comparison. Its body is large, muscular and pudgy and it possesses a hunched posture along with a swollen neck. Its legs bend backwards and it appears that its left leg is longer than the right. Its left arm is muscular and human-like with four visible fingers while its right arm is large and cylindrical and in the shape of a club, possessing no humanoid traits. It has a ghastly humanoid face, with large bulging human-like eyes, a human-like nose and a very large toothy grin all of which gives its face a creepy appearance. It has a rather larger forehead and long dark hair over the back of its head and neck which appear to be styled into dreadlocks.


Being a creature native to Gourmet World, the Rampage is far stronger than any creature in the Human World and as its capture level of 388 may indicate, it is immensely powerful.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

When Midora arrives on an Octopard at the Slow Rain Hills to challenge Ichiryu, he comes along with a Rampage and a Tornadragon which seem to be under his control. Before Acacia's disciples ascend to the Stray Islands, the President leaves the Tornadragon and the Rampage beasts to be taken care of by Atashino and Melk the First.

Difference between Manga and AnimeEdit

  • Along with Tornadragon, Rampage were omitted in the anime.


Rampage Submission

Rampage Submission

  • It was created by Surprised-Human of Tokyo.


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