Japanese ラプタ
Romanized Raputa
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Underground Heavenly Kings
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Dimeto, Torikera, Rex
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Game Debut Toriko: Ultimate Survival
Japanese Voice Fukami Rika
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Rapta is a vain, beauty-loving gourmet hunter and the female member of the Underground Heavenly Kings.


She is a beautiful and voluptuous light-skinned woman with long black hair (which she keeps in a long ponytail with a blue feather tied at the end), a shapely figure and long muscular legs. Her attire consists of a strapless red leotard with a skull-like pattern on the mid-section and a v-line near her chest which exposes most of her cleavage. She also wears a pair of long red gloves that extend up her arms and a pair of long red boots with a pair of bone-like ankle bracelets and on the tip of each boot is a long curved blade which Rapta uses for combat purposes. Her most notable trait are her feathered arms which are covered in short orange feathers from her shoulders to her wrists and long black feathers coming out of the side of her arms and elbows. These feathers are a natural part of her body and she can release them and regrow them instantly, however whether this is the result of Gourmet Cells or some other form of experimentation remains unanswered.


Rapta is quite superficial and vain, with a great love for beautiful things and making sure to always maintain her own feminine beauty at all times. This makes her quite similar to Sunny who she seems to personally antagonize.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Rapta is capable of growing sharp and deadly feathers from her arms and using them as long-range projectiles in combat. She also has incredibly strong legs with incredible kicking power which are made even more deadly with the curved blades at the tip of her boots which deal a deadly blow at close range. She is also extremely fast, likely due to her powerful legs.


  • Chain Claw: Rapta releases a flurry of powerful kicks which cut everything in sight due to the blades on her boots.


Toriko: Ultimate SurvivalEdit



  • She was designed by Animation Director Hisashi Kagawa for the game, along with Dimeto and Torikera, while Rex was designed by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro.
  • Her name is derived from the Velociraptor dinosaur.

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