Japanese レイ
Romanized Rei
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday October 19th
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Occupation IGO Defense Director
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 142
Anime Debut Episode 68
Japanese Voice Toochika Kouichi
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Ray (レイ Rei) is the IGO Defense Director overseeing the IGO Bureau of Defense Management. He is one of the higher-ups within the IGO, shown from the fact that he both knows of the existence of the 0th Biotope and can command its staff.


Ray is a young man of average height. He has a somewhat effeminate appearance due to the fact that he sports lilac eyeshadow. He has pale skin with pitch-black, straight, shoulder-length hair. He wears a white button-up shirt, black pants a large magenta coat, and cranberry shoes.

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Ray seems to be calm, serious, and thoughtful man who shows no sign of discomfort when around a superior such as Mansam, suggesting equal standings within the IGO. He also shows comfort about knowledge of a dead Nitro being in Hotel Gourmet, showing that he has experience with these creatures.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While it is unknown if he possesses any above average strength or abilities, he is still a man of high-standing within the IGO and can command even a member of the 0th Biotope such as Rapp without any hesitation. The fact that he is the Defense Chief of the IGO shows that he is a capable director of defense in keeping Gourmet World creatures and other deadly beasts from doing harm to the Human World and populated cities through proper protection strategies. He has also been shown to posses a high degree of self-control, able to fully control his emotions and expressions, including the rate of his heart and blood pressure when lying or tense, something Mansam himself was incapable of when faced with Zebra's inhuman hearing ability.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

When Toriko, Komatsu and Zebra returned from the Gourmet Pyramid to Hotel Gourmet, where they enjoy a great feast with a few drinks of Mellow Cola. Meanwhile Komatsu attempts to prepare the Nitro they defeated at the pyramid, but has little success in doing so. Soon after Ray, Mansam and Rapp appear and order everyone except Toriko, Zebra and Komatsu to leave so they may take away the Nitro corpse to the 0th Biotope where it will be studied, they then explain all the information available about the Nitro to them and of the recent disappearances of chefs, they then reveal that the Gourmet Corp. is affiliated with the disappearances and that they're using the Nitro to find GOD as the Nitro have a clue about its whereabouts. Toriko then promises them that he will find GOD first and make sure the Gourmet Corp. never get close to it.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

After the dreadful event at Cooking Fest and the disaster caused by Midora's Meteor Spice, the IGO began to desperately work harder than ever to ensure that order and stability remained within the Human World, however due to the assassination of the Board of Directors by the traitorous director Uumen Umeda, this left only Ray and Johannes to direct the staff at IGO Headquarters and handle the revival of Chief Mansam. Luckily they were eventually able to restore him with enough liquor to stimulate the regenerative properties of his Gourmet Cells. Upon regaining consciousness, they informed him of the recent events such as the death of the directors and the current food shortage. Mansam then ordered the two to prepare the emergency storage food and have it distributed to all the affected countries in order to protect the food and peace of the world. Ray having been moved by the Chief's words, uttered his name which naturally caused Mansam to wonder if Ray called him "handsome", surprisingly Ray decided to humor the compassionate director and stated that he did indeed call him "handsome".


  • So far, he has been the only character to not deny to Mansam that he called the latter "Handsome" when he was asked if he did even though he didn't.


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