CloudIcon Real Mist CloudIcon
Japanese リアルミスト
Romanized Riaru Misuto
English Real Mist
Type Illusion-producing mist
Location Yutou Island (produced by Soy Milk Road)
Related Soy Milk Road;
Leech Heel
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 274
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The Real Mist is a mysterious thick fog that surrounds the areas of Yutou Island. The mist itself originates from the creature Soy Milk Road as it emits the dense fog to trap any creature that dare to enter it, ensnaring them in a series of illusions. Within the mist itself, a group of Leech Heels take residence in the thick fog, and much like the Soy Milk Road, manipulate anyone who are unaware of the illusions that are made by the mist itself, taking their victims by surprise. 

The Real Mist was first seen by the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu when they entered the Harbor of Evil Spirits and reached the shores of Yutou Island only to fall into what seems to be an empty abyss covered by the thick mist itself. Within the mist, many forms of signals for contact seem to become scrambled due to the density of the mist as Zebra stated that his supersonic waves were becoming scrambled to the point where he cannot use Echolocation; Komatsu was also unable to get any form of contact signal through the Riddle Chapter, however, when the Toriko Poison Doll managed to hit the illusionary Travel Frog with the laser from the Riddle Chapter wristband, it was able to send the information meaning not all form of communication is lost. 

Toriko and Coco finding a town in the mist

A town created by the Real Mist.

The Soy Milk Road that resides within the area was able to manipulate the Real Mist as it was able to drag both Toriko and Coco at incredible speed. After being dragged into the mist, Toriko and Coco both find themselves in a small town filled with food stands that have food prepared on them. This is all but an illusion however created by the Real Mist as all forms of normal human senses become completely altered. The dangers of the illusion are avoidable if a person has an awareness far beyond what is required within the Human World as Toriko and Coco were both aware of the dangers of the mist before they entered and avoided it using Coco's Poison Life. 

An illusionary copy of the Travel Frog Toriko first saw within the Thorn Sea was present in the mist and states that in the Real Mist, there is no truth or lies but only belief and disbelief and states that such a nature is the same within the Gourmet World. 

It is later revealed that a single Soy Milk Road has emitted the mist in order to trap any unaware creatures in an illusionary world to which the Soy Milk Road can then devour it. This was revealed when Toriko and Coco managed to escape the residing Leech Heels only to be surrounded by a group of Soy Milk Roads. When Toriko used his Ultimate Routine in order to knock out the Soy Milk Road through intimidation, it was shown that there was not a group, but a single Soy Milk Road who manipulated the Real Mist to create an illusionary number of Soy Milk Roads to surround both Coco and Toriko. 

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