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Regal Mammoth Arc
Toriko and the rest runing from Regal Mammoth anime
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Chapters: Chapter 19 - Chapter 54
Episodes: Episode 7 - Episode 17
Description: Amidst the emergence of a horrifying new breed of evil, Toriko and Komatsu are hired by the IGO to track down the elusive and delicious Regal Mammoth and its priceless Jewel Meat!
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Puffer Whale Arc
Followed by: BB Corn Arc

The Regal Mammoth Arc is the fourth arc in the series.


Toriko and Komatsu are picked up from Cavern Lagoon by Johannes. They board a helicopter heading to the 1st Biotope. Toriko makes a hamburger from the Devil Serpent's meat and names it "Toriko Burger". As he snacks on it, Johannes explains that Toriko has been given a special mission, to capture the Regal Mammoth, much to Komatsu's amazement. Toriko and Komatsu arrive at the 1st Biotope Facility and they are greeted warmly much to Toriko's annoyance. They then pass by a place named by Komatsu as "The food processing plant". The young chef comments on the vast Ingredients and Toriko explains to him that the 1st Biotope Facility produces 30% of the world's Ingredients. Soon after, Toriko takes off his clothes and tells Komatsu to do the same as they need to be sterilized before entering the Biotope. The pair are then ordered to step in a Shower to cleanse themselves before they enter the main lab. After a long, cold shower, Toriko and Komatsu take an Elevator to the Basement Floor where they will meet up with the IGO Chief, a supposed Wino according to Toriko. When they arrive at the basement, they find a place with many different beasts. These beasts seem to be free with no cages or restrains. Komatsu is frightened by this but his fear reduced when he finds they are kept in highly transparent glass that is hard to break. Komatsu then states that he never saw any of these creatures out in the wild in which Toriko elucidates that they are clones of extinct hybrids of species and that they are kept from the public for research reasons. One of the workers with many bruises and a missing arm (likely because of his job as a beast tamer) welcomes them. A man yells out that a Muscle Crab has escaped, ordering them to run for the tranquilizers. Toriko prepares to take out the beast but before he can act, the beast is tamed by a mysterious man using his Fry Pan Punch. The man then introduces himself as Mansam, the IGO Chief. He shakes hands with his old buddy Toriko stating that today at the Gourmet Coliseum the main event is the legendary Battle Wolf, much to Toriko's surprise.

Toriko, Komatsu and Mansam enter the Gourmet Coliseum as they watch a Troll Kong and a Garara Gator face off. Komatsu questions what this place is. Toriko goes on the explain that its an arena used by the IGO to gauge capture levels and fighting prowess. It also serves as a "blue sport" for the rich and famous (betting money and such). Komatsu is seen surprised by the the match between the aforementioned beasts both being beasts that he encountered before. As both beasts, duke it out, Toriko however doesn't seem surprised by the outcome of the match stating that the Troll Kong, even with a higher capture level, is tired from all the other beasts he fought and is thus losing to a Garara Gator. When the Troll Kong defeats the Garara Gator by hitting it's head, Toriko isn't surprised considering that a Troll Kong has high intelligence and can figure out the Gator's weakness easily. Mansam tells them he has reserved front seat and orders them to follow. Komatsu questions Mansam about the audience and how ordinary people aren't allowed in the Lab however, Mansam tells the young chef to look at them closely. Komatsu notices they look familiar as Toriko explains they are rich and famous men such as Prime Ministers, Financial Gurus or government millionaires. He then goes on to explain how the IGO and how they were originally part of the Untied Nation however when the demand for Gourmet Goods skyrocketed, it became an the Independent nation it is today. Toriko goes on to confirm Komatsu's suspicion stating that many of the people here aren't ordinary but are VIPs or representatives from one of the IGO nations. Mansam explains the thrill gained from watching a beast fight and it's addicting nature. He continues to say lots of money is earn from this place, especially today main event -- A Battle Wolf.





  • 2-Hit Nail Punch
  • 5-Hit Nail Punch
  • Frypanch
  • Frypan Sandwich
  • Peeler Shot
  • Knife
  • 5-Hit Ice Pick Nail Punch
  • Spatula
  • Hair Net
  • Hair Lock

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Tina is added to the overall story and takes an active part in the search for the Jewel Meat.
  • The bonus story relating to the Vanilove Fruit does not appear in the anime.

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