Regal Plains
Aliases Regal Tundra
Location 1st Biotope
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 39
Anime Episode 12
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Regal Plains is a vast arid region in the 1st Biotope that makes up most of the central region within the 1st Biotope and is the main obstacle between every location and the Regal Wall. The region is mostly a vast wasteland covered in rocks and craggy areas and it is through here that one reaches the Regal Wall, which itself leads to the Regal Plateau where the Regal Mammoth resides. Within this region is also the Devil Athletics.


No beasts are seen residing here other than the ones present in Devil Athletics.



Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

After Toriko and Rin defeated and tamed the Obsaurus, they rode it across the vast Regal Plains. Later, Komatsu and Sunny also passed through here after leaving the Swamp of Antiquity. After they reached the Regal Wall, they saw none other than the Regal Mammoth itself sliding down the steep wall. After successfully avoiding it when it fell down onto the plains, the group prepared to enter it but were stopped by Gido of the Gourmet Corp. Luckily Coco appeared and paralyzed the Regal Mammoth with his poison, trapping it in place within the plains, allowing the others to enter it while he battled Gido's GT Robo across the Regal Plains. After a long match he successfully disabled Gido's GT Robot and lets its disabled husk in the Regal Plains which was then later presumably picked up by the IGO.

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