Regal Plateau
Regal Plateau
Japanese リーガル高原
Romanized Rīgaru kōgen
Aliases Dwelling of Devils
Location Regal Island (Human World)
Affiliation Regal Mammoths
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 34
Anime Episode 11
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The Regal Plateau also known as the "Dwelling of Devils", is an area in the 1st Biotope where the Regal Mammoths resides. The terrain is full of bones of the beasts that have become the Regal Mammoth's meals. The names and power of the beasts living there are unknown as the Regal Mammoths are the only named creatures from the Regal Plateau.


Gt robo giant

Gido and Zaiper in one of the Regal Plateau's many bone fields.

The Regal Plateau is a vast and barren rocky wasteland with giant rocks and mountains being the only sight to see for miles. No plant life appears to exist here or at least not in abundance. The area is mostly inhabited by hundreds of different species of predatory beasts that often fight one another or are eaten by the native Regal Mammoths. Whenever the Regal Mammoth finishes eating hundreds of the countless native wildlife, it spits out their bones and leaves them on the ground, leaving behind entire valleys filled with bones and mammoth-sized footprints.



Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

This area was visited by the Gourmet Corp. members Gido and Zaiper in order to locate the adult Regal Mammoth. When Zaiper first arrived, his GT Robo was crushed by the Regal Mammoth and was left to rust in a bone yard. Eventually Gido found him and finish crushing his Robo so he could get all the credit for the capture. Gido then watched the gigantic Regal Mammoth suck in countless prey and then jump off the plateau and down the Regal Wall to search for its young.

After the Gourmet Corp. was defeated and the Jewel Meat was retrieved, the adult mammoth was reunited with its child and returned with it back to the Regal Plateau.

Four Beast ArcEdit

The Regal Plateau was invaded by the Four Beast, Gaoh who instantly killed an adult Regal Mammoth with one swipe.

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