Regal Wall
Japanese リーガルウォール
Romanized Rīgaruu~ōru
Location Regal Island (Human World)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 39
Anime Episode 12
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The Regal Wall is tall mountain side located on Regal Isle and atop it is the Regal Plateau, the home of the Regal Mammoth. The Heavycliffs make their home here by burrowing holes into the mountain side and hiding within it. When venturing outside of its domain the Regal Mammoth will slide down this wall to reach the surface.


The Regal Wall is a tremendously tall mountain side that is 3000 meters high. It has a pale-colored rocky surface and its wall is dotted with countless burrows made by the native Heavycliffs that make their home in the mountain side. The wall is smooth and leaned enough for a titanic Regal Mammoth to slide down its surface to reach the ground below. The area in front of the wall is most barren rocky wastelands that make up the Regal Plains and very little plant life is seen to grow near the wall.



Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

When Sunny and Komatsu finally reached the Regal Wall, Sunny immediately began carrying himself and Komatsu up the wall's tall surface while trying to avoid conflict with the Heavycliffs. As they climbed up, they were greeted by the horrific sight of a falling Regal Mammoth who was sliding down the mountain side. The duo then fled back down while avoiding the agitated Heavycliffs. Upon reaching the surface, they were reunited with Rin and Toriko who had also reached the wall, and Toriko quickly made a hole for them to hide in to avoid being crushed by the mammoth.



  • It was never explained if the Regal Mammoth could get back up to the Regal Plateau due to there being no sign of being able to climb back up the Regal Wall or if the mammoth was now permanently confined to living on the Regal Plains.

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